How to be an expert multitasker (from a mama and business owner)

Breakfast. Play dates. Conference calls. Feedings. Pitch decks. Dance recitals. How do you start to balance it all? As parents, we’re earned the title of expert multitasker, but it doesn’t mean the road to get here was easy. 

We sat down with Melissa Rosenfield, founder of This Vibe Life, who says she’s “the social director, the party planner, and the camp counselor all rolled into one.” She’s the queen at juggling life with a newborn and running her own business. Check out some of her tips to stay organized and stress-free through the chaos. 

Don’t forget to check out her Tinybeans Takeover on our Instagram page on January 29! She’ll walk us through her day and offer bits of wisdom that has helped shape her success story. 

Tell us about yourself.

As the world’s first “Director of Vibe,” I’m known as a cultural innovator, luxury lifestyle expert and social director all rolled into one. I think of myself as a connector bringing together tastemakers and luxury hospitality, fashion and lifestyle brands. I have a 3.5 month old named Sidney!

What inspired you to start your own business?

It was an accident, I was running away from what I didn’t want in a job and career and ended up running into my current career. When I started out after college I was fearless and started my first business, a boutique PR agency and we hustled to get our own clients and had no clue what we were doing. And after a few years and dream jobs that were not that I went back to the consulting life, in 2010 I took a wild opportunity to consult for the Viceroy Hotel Group and thats where I created the Director of Vibe role. 

When I left the brand in 2015 it was clear that it was time go out on my own when I had a million consulting opportunities and wasn’t really interested in any of the more traditional job opps. And my sister always points out I was the Director of Vibe from day one so it was just a matter of time before I came into it myself.

What tips do you have for those who are looking to jump into the entrepreneurial world?

Challenges and setbacks are just opportunities in disguise. The moment you can wrap your brain around that, and it isn’t always easy, everything becomes a lot easier.

I also always say that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and that is OK but if you are going to do it… commit. I remember just around the 6-month mark I was totally downtrodden and convinced it would never work and my friend said, you’re halfway there don’t turn around now and he was totally right. And surround yourself with people who believe in you, you’ll figure out who those folks are pretty quickly.

What has been the biggest challenge when it comes to balancing work and family life?

I’m a planner and a surprise pregnancy wasn’t really part of my plan last year but you figure it out. We can plan all we want but sometimes it’s really (in the word of Drake) God’s Plan.

Becoming a mother has opened up my world to so many new friends and opportunities. I joked through my pregnancy that I wouldn’t take a maternity leave and everyone said I was crazy. I planned to have my baby on a Friday and return to work on Monday. It happened that I had Sidney on Saturday and was back on email Tuesday. I don’t recommend that but it was what I needed to keep moving. And don’t worry, I spend plenty of time at home with my LO but I also know on the days when I am home with him that work will wait and I’m not so quick to answer every non urgent emails.

Sometimes the universe needs to tell you to slow down a bit too and having a baby has allowed me to do that.

Describe a typical day in your life.

My pre baby life was not that different from my current life with a few exceptions.

My days start at 5:30AM when I feed Sidney and we all wake up except our dog, who is a late sleeper.

In the old days, I was on email then off to the gym between 7:30AM and 8:30AM, now it’s more like 9:30AM since our nanny doesn’t come until in and mornings are when we are all together.

My day is a mix of client work and meetings. On any given day I can be on between 7-10 calls and 3-5 in person meetings. Which doesn’t leave a lot of time for proposals and pitches and events but we squeeze it all in.

If I’ve learned anything women are more capable of multitasking than we even realize.

Robert and I usually meet at home between 5-6PM unless I have a client meeting or we have an event. I am so lucky to be with a man who loves nothing more than to cook beautiful nourishing food. We love hosting friends for dinner or going out with Sidney to try new restaurants and hopefully that continues as he grows. Thank God for my Artipoppe carrier which allows me to look chic when we take him out! 

On the nights when we are home, we usually have dinner as a family and put Sid to bed or he hangs out with us post bath time for a bit. And despite what people think ,I love going to bed early because sleep is a new mom’s best friend so we try to all be in bed and downing tools by 10:30PM latest.

What are your go-to apps or hacks you use for organization?

OMG Google Calendar is my best friend and I live and die by it, and I make sure it looks pretty and is set to my daily not monthly or weekly otherwise I am lost. I also live for Baby Tracker and my Elvie app to keep track of my feeding and pumping schedule. Foodkick for groceries which saves me a ton of time when we are both running around.

How do you de-stress?

DAYLIO and Fabulous apps to make sure I am tracking how wonderful every day is. It’s like hi tech gratitudes and with the use of those apps, my days go from being stressful to wonderful very quickly. Being grateful is super popular right now but lets be honest its a fabulous life hack too. Sometimes you can’t meditate or write it all down but even 5 minutes of focusing on what you have can change your whole attitude. When I can’t sleep, I say the things I am grateful for like counting sheep, starting from me and then working outwards. It’s an incredible hack that gets me a wonderful night’s sleep too.

What are some of your favorite parenting products?

Poor little Sid has horrible winter congestions so we love using the Freda Snotsucker even though he hates it but at least the results make it worthwhile. Amazon - $17.63
I love love love my Artipoppe carrier it was the ONLY thing I wanted when I found out I was pregnant AND it makes going to events with Sid way easy
Have you ever tried to cut baby nails? Well, I haven't but I know how sharp they are and thanks to the THUMBLE I don't have to cringe at cutting them or look like I was breastfeeding a wild animal. Amazon - $16.99
Another thing no one told me about babies was cradle cap and quite frankly it broke my heart but this combo from Mustela does the trick and actually smells good. Amazon - $23.00
I felt like towards the end of my pregnancy I kind of went for it with junk food and this probiotic has definitely gotten me back on track in terms of gut health.
I've been lucky to have time to shower BUT blow drying my hair can be challenging so I use allyoos to keep my post-pregnancy hair healthy and ready to go, it's also super clean and safe and the founder is about to have her first baby.
Anything from Kari Gran from her lip whips to essential serum balm. When I was first pregnant I wanted to clean up my beauty routine and my skin was SO dry. All of her products are mom and baby safe and helped me rehydrate and look amazing.

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