How to keep your home organized (for real this time)

Don’t you hate it when you spend a few hours on Sunday organizing your space only for it to go back to tornado-levels Monday morning? Keeping your home organized and clean is hard, but it’s even harder when you’ve got kids on the loose.  Fortunately, we’ve got an expert to help. 

We sat down with Sarah DeGrim, founder of Stylish Spaces and mama to two boys. She gave us the inside scoop on how to create a beautiful space in your home and how you can make sure that newfound cleanliness actually sticks around.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a wife and Mom of 2 boys, living in NYC trying to make it work. Not a minimalist but a realist. Really enjoy spending time with family and friends. Love my children more than anything in the world but wow they are a handful!

What do you like the most about your job?

I love that I get to work with all types of people to really help them reclaim their homes. Families are my favorite to work with because I understand the struggle of everyday life as a Mom and think it’s important to help people’s home support their life so they can spend time doing the things they love with the people they love.

I am also here to let everyone know there is no such thing as perfect but there is such thing as simple and easy when it comes to organizing.

What are some of your favorite organizational hacks for small spaces?

1) Keep a designated donation bin in your house, so as you find things you are ready to let go of, you can easily toss it in the bin and donate that bin once a month. – Works great for parents, as children are always growing out of clothes and toys.

2) I hate to say it but tidy up your apartment every night before bed. You will be amazed at the difference just 10 – 15 minutes makes.

3) Please don’t roll your eyes but kids really do like organization. Empower your kids by getting them involved. Have them help you clean up. When you have designated spaces for toys and their belongings, they can help clean up and will know where to find the things they want.

4) File folding. Anyone who has worked with me knows…. I love file folding. It’s easy to see all your clothes, great use of space and easy to maintain ( even for kids! )

What's the biggest mistake people make when reorganizing their homes?

Not really assessing the ease in which they will be able to use and maintain the systems they put in place. Think about easy to take out/ easy to put away.

How can families make their nursery functional?

When you think about function, you need to be realistic. Think about your routine, can you reach everything you need from your changing table, can you get clothes into the hamper while holding a baby. We want to be able to open a drawer, know exactly where everything is, grab what we need with ease and maintain a tidy space.

How can people maintain their newfound cleanliness?

Small steps make a big difference. Take the 1 – 2 minutes to put things away where they belong.

While I like to think that I can come into someones house and implement systems that will change their lives forever; people have to commit to maintaining those systems which is a lifestyle and does take some work….. but well worth it.

What are your favorite organization products?

iDesign Linus Turntable Kitchen Organizer. Amazon - $16.99
White Elfa Door & Wall Rack -$91.70
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Pehr Pom Pom Bin -Amazon $36.11
Chrome Metal Tote Hangers - $9.99
3-Tier Metal Utility Cart - Target $35.00
iDesign Linus Plastic Adjustable Deep In Drawer Dividers for Storage - Amazon $18.99

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