How to Look & Feel Good as a Busy Mom (From the Today Show’s Stylist)

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you’re destined to a life of yoga pants and baggy t-shirts (even though that sounds heavenly sometimes). Sure, we may not have time to spend an hour getting ready like we used to, but there are ways to feel amazing even when life gets a little messy. We sat down with Jasmine Snow –  stylist, mama, and founder behind The Black Bib. She’s an expert in all things #MomFashion and loves helping women figure out what makes them feel like their best self – no matter where they are in their parenting journey.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a former magazine editor turned on air style contributor often seen on the Today Show, E! and GMA! With two small babes and over a decade in the fashion industry, I launched my lifestyle site The Black Bib (which just so happens to sell black leather baby bibs btw), that covers all things style. I like to think my style cred spills into every messy side of life in a ridiculously chic and relatable way. Despite sometimes being covered in purées and having a chaotic-ish new normal, I really believe style works on everyone. Even the littlest of littles! I have two children, Isla (3-years-old) and Teddy (8 months old).

I love advising on everything that goes on in a woman’s life, from tricky postpartum fashion, date night ideas to wrangling a squirmy toddler— all while looking and feeling amazing! 

What are 3-5 styling tips that make it easier for moms to get ready (or at least feel put together)?

1. Fit: If you feel good in your clothing you will look even better! Finding pieces that fit you like a glove (even if that means tailoring) will make getting dressed so much easier and faster. You will eliminate trying a million things on because you already know it looks good on you. I mean, come on, we all love the feeling of jeans that make our butt look so damn good. You want to walk down the street with that confidence in every outfit! 

2. Accessories: I’m a big believer that you can have just as great of style (if not better) in a t-shirt as you can in a “lewk” if ya know what I mean! Accessories make all the difference. Invest in a couple of special pieces that you adore and can dress up or dress down so you know that you can always count on them to pull a quick look together with minimal effort! 

3. “Special Pieces”: I think it’s important to have those hero pieces in your closet that are both fashion forward, work with every outfit and just make you feel great! It doesn’t mean spend tons of money on a blazer from The Row (although that would be chic with endless funds!). It just means maybe don’t buy all 45 things in your Zara cart. One super cool sweatshirt with a shoulder puff could last you season to season and always look great. It’s special. You love it. Go with it! All about quality over quantity.

What are some of your favorite trends for the holiday season?

1. Bows!! They are the new bling. It’s so fun to accessorize with a bow. Belt with a bow, whatever! The bigger the better! 

2. Pink! I am so feeling the ballet pink color this season. Something about it just feels rich and elevated for a night out mixed with some black. It’s the new Christmas red for me this year! 

3. Tuxedo Jackets: I’m all about a tuxedo jacket over almost everything. For me it takes an otherwise average look (like jeans and a cute top) to the next level when you style it with a chic dressy tuxedo jacket. It’s very instagram worthy. Trust me! 

Do you have any hacks to share that allow moms to have great style at a decent price point?

Always accessories. You can buy accessories for such inexpensive prices and they will always make you look pulled together and lux! My favorite right now is Bauble Bar for layers of chain necklaces and Alexa Leigh for stacks of shiny bracelets for every day looks! 

What are the basic necessities every mom needs in her closet?

1. Leather Jacket. Goes with everything and can literally make pajamas and slippers look cool. 

2. Fashion-y sneakers for wrangling your kids and making every pair of leggings and look like it was on purpose! 

3. Oversized statement bag. Even if you’re a minimalist this is the place you can make a statement of fun fashion, while on the inside your statement is mom who needs to carry the world with her! 

What are some parenting products you can't live without?

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The Black Bib - $43.00
Noodle & Boo hair conditioner - Amazon $18.00
Honey Bear cups - $12.95
Jefferies Ruffle Socks - Amazon $20.66

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