How to Make Your Tiny Bean’s 3rd Birthday the Best!

Young, wild, and three! WOW, can you believe it!!! Time to celebrate, WOOHOO! This year your child is probably more focused on social activities, and more excited than before about their special day. But no pressure to make your child’s party bigger than the last! Kids this age are all about experience rather than just “stuff” – think social, imaginative play. Here are some ideas to make their 3rd birthday unforgettable!

1. On the hunt! A scavenger hunt has it all for a toddler: creativity, adventure, and excitement! Indoors or out, many or few players, it always works. And bonus: this one’s a real energy burner! Create your own clues and map, or download a printable version. You can even include some little “treasures” to be found along the way! Arghhh!

2. Dig for Dino Eggs! Keeping little hands busy is key and we’ve got you covered! Grab some plastic eggs, and fill with stickers, small toys, coins, etc., and “lay” in a large container or two. Now toddlers can “dig” for dinosaur eggs!

3. Make-believe it! 3 is the age where your child thrives through imaginative play – they crave it! LEGO® DUPLO® Heart Box is made for small hands and big ideas! It encourages creativity, problem-solving, and confidence, through teamwork with friends, or on their own, building independence. 

You’ve got this, moms and dads!

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