How to master the playground with a baby

Just because your baby is “fun size” it doesn’t mean they can’t have a blast at the playground. Even at a young age, they can still learn about their environment, enjoy the fresh air, and work on their motor skills on the equipment. Try these baby-friendly playground activities and watch the entertainment begin!

Be prepared

A day at the playground requires a little more planning than you might think! Make sure you take extra precaution to keep your family safe in the sun and check out our guide for tackling the outdoors before you head out. 

Try a baby swing with a high back

You should only try the bucket-style swing if baby if able to support themselves up on their own (usually at the 6 months mark). Stand in front of baby to push, but take it easy! Once baby gets into the swing of things, you can start playing games like peek-a-boo. 

Assist baby down the slide

Baby will love the slide with your help, of course. First, you want to make sure the slide itself isn’t too hot if it’s directly in the sun. It’s safe to put a blanket down no matter what. Stand on the side of the lower end of the slide, hold baby securely, and help them “slide” down the slope. You’ll want to make sure you have a strong grip on baby so they don’t roll over or spin off the slide. 

Place baby down to watch other kids

Your baby is curious and is always learning about the environment around them. Place a blanket down in the shade and allow baby time to observe his or her surroundings. When your tiny bean gets older, these observational skills will be key when beginning parallel play

Play in the sandbox

Before you bring baby into the sandbox, check for trash or broken glass. If you’re in the clear, gently set baby on the side and dip his or her toes in the sand. If you’re feeling adventurous, place baby directly in the sand and build mini sand castles for them to knock over. But keep a close eye out. You know how babies like to put everything in their mouths? That goes for sand too. 

Reach, reach, reach!

Just because baby can’t go on the monkey bars doesn’t mean you should avoid them! Hold baby at your side and bring them to the playground equipment. Baby may naturally reach for the bars, poles, or handles that you come across. This is a great exercise for their grip, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

Head for the tunnels

Your playground’s tunnel offers a great sensory activity! Place baby in the middle of the tunnel and sing a song or speak to them. Your voice will vibrate through the tunnel offering a new experience for baby. You can also lay baby on their stomach and peek out from the end. 

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