Life is NOT cancelled Vol. 3

Self care? Where?!

Hey again,

I’m writing to you from day 17 of quarantine with my family. We’re based in NYC, live in a small apartment, no outdoor space, 3 kids under the age of 6, two parents trying to figure out how to work from home, so worried about my parents in NC I feel sick, and can’t tell if the sirens I’m hearing are coming from the TV or outside. This is hard. And I see all other parents out there surviving just like our house is and you are all doing a great job. Just knowing that we are all in this together makes me feel a little less lonely.

OK moving on…

…self-care. Is that even a thing we can do still what is going on?

YES. It is. YES. We should.

I found some great online businesses that are offering deals just like Tinybeans (50% off Premium with code: SHARETHELOVE). Included here are some brands you may not of heard of, some feel-good stories, apps, and activities to keep us going.

1. We made a killer spreadsheet of some big deals online!

2. Our team at Red Tricycle made this amazing calendar of virtual events  Just pick your city and go (well you know what I mean!) This is so helpful for entertaining the kids when my husbands and I both have conference calls or we just need to get dinner on the table.

3. Free, printable templates that help with daily routine, chores, and self care.

4.  Join our Facebook Group – Parents Helping Parents: Red Tricycle & Tinybeans  for a lighthearted laugh and tips and tricks for not killing your kids (or spouse).

5. Local store out of diapers? Try Coterie!

Ways to help family-friendly businesses here.

If you’re hosting a virtual event please submit it here.

So keep your family safe, take a bubble bath, scream into a pillow, wash your hands, stay inside, and I hope to write back to you all next week.

All the best,

Megan Harper

Head of Marketing

Mother of Huck (5) Gigi (3) and Goldie (1)


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