Make storytime the best time of day (or night!)

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5 easy tips to transform your nursery into storytime central

Your little one might not know how to read, but it’s never too early for storytime. Reading from a very young age is not only important from a development perspective, but also fosters a connection between parent and child and a sense of belonging.

Turn the nursery or playroom into their favorite place to curl up with a book (and you!) with these storytime essentials.


1. Storytime should be quality time. Sure, you are busy, but when it’s time to read, give your child your undivided, uninterrupted (except maybe by them) attention. Leave the mobile phone on the counter, stop thinking about everything on your to-do list and connect with your child from cover to cover.


2. Board books with special features your child can touch, feel and see will keep them engaged. Sweet favorites made with love by Sandra Magsamen will offer you a quiet, slower time to sit and share a special moment. Twinkle, Twinkle You’re My Star, Peek-a-Boooo! and I Love Old MacDonald’s Farm are not only  fun, but a great way to share what’s already in your heart.


3. Get cozy! Your child loves to feel close, so when you are reading together, pick a spot where you can both snuggle up and get comfortable. The rocker in their nursery, a soft rug on the floor if they are a little older, or your lap, no matter how big they get! Hopefully they’ll get so cozy that they go to sleep.

4. Let your child be part of the story. Encourage them to point things out by asking your little one to show you something in the picture. You may be speaking to yourself at the beginning, but once they start to babble, you’ll be reading together! Until then, let them hold the book or turn the pages with you. Even the littlest fingers can be helping hands.


5. Moms and dads are great storytellers, but including special guest readers like grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles will be special for both you and your child. Relatives will feel honored and usually go above and beyond with special voices, funny sounds and extra snuggles. Your heart will melt as you see them interacting with your little one.

Ready to read? Check out some of our favorites from Sandra Magsamen. From Twinkle, Twinkle You’re My Star to Peek-a-Boooo! and I Love Old MacDonald’s Farm, she has something for every nursery.

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