Meet Liz – a NY stylist and pregnant mama!

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We're all in this together.

Liz Teich is a fashion stylist, style expert, and mom. She also happens to be pregnant with her second child right now. Like many women, the challenges she’s facing during this pregnancy are unlike anything she has experinced before. We’re all in this together, mammas. 

Stay strong!

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Mom to Watson (4) and Ever (9 months)

Q: What’s been the most difficult part of being pregnant during at this time?

A: Certainly the unknown. The anxiety of catching it and possibly being separated from my husband (or even isolated) at my birth and worse; separated for my baby for weeks if any of us test positive.

Q: Is there something positive you can take away from this experience?

A: I’m so grateful to have some bonus family quality time with my toddler son before the baby comes. It’s also forced me to take it easy, whereas during my first pregnancy, I worked up until nearly the end and it was a lot.

Q: What’s the best advice you have to offer other pregnant women right now?

A: We’re in this together. It’s okay to be scared/angry/upset and think this whole thing is unfair and the worst time to be pregnant. Just realize the most important thing is that you have a healthy baby after all of this.

You can follow Liz in IG @thenewyorkstylist and

Liz’s Must-Haves:

I can't wear my designer sunglasses around my toddler anymore so this $12 pair has been my go-to and people think they are designer!
One of my favorite styling secrets is this product that's non-toxic and gets out almost any stain!
Now that we're eating at home more (and also transferring food to make it last longer), these have become a lifesaver and better for the environment so you don't waste plastic wrap or tin foil.
I'm addicted to this tea that I drink nightly before bed.
I've tried some of the popular pregnancy pillows but there is NOTHING like this one. I do not know how I got through my first pregnancy without this.
I swear that I didn't get stretch marks during my first pregnancy by applying a shea butter based lotion nightly. This pregnancy I discovered this one and it feels so nice, not to mention it's totally non-toxic.

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