Meet the Fam: The Daniels’

We’re so inspired by the millions of moments that get captured on Tinybeans every day. We believe each family has a story to tell, which is why we’re introducing Meet the Fam. In this issue of Meet the Fam, we meet Bennett, a happy ray of sunshine who loves a good peach.

Tell us about your family.

Our family lives in beautiful Richmond, Virginia. I work as a recovery nurse and my husband works for a credit card company. We are first time parents to Bennett, who we had in October 2017 with the help of our amazing midwife and doula.

Parenting has been a whirlwind. Our families and extended families and friends have LOVED watching Bennett grow and flourish, as many of them live far away. Our proudest milestone is being able to have breastfed our little man this long! He is 11 months old. We struggled with an extreme tongue tie, latch issues and mastitis, but I fought through it all and we made it! I say we, because without our family, friends and my husband, I wouldn’t have made it this far.


What is your favorite moment that you’ve captured and why?

Benn has loved baby-led weaning! He loves eating everything we’ve given him so far, except frozen salmon. Here’s a picture of him really enjoying his watermelon, a purée and some delicious farm-grown peaches.


If you could give yourself one piece of advice before your children arrived, what would it be?

Stop and take a deep breath to recenter yourself when you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Remind yourself that everyone is alive, and go through your mental checklist instead of breaking down (although sometimes you just can’t help it, and that’s ok) Reach out for help! So many people are there for you.


What upcoming milestones are you excited about?

Bennett is turning 1 at the end of October!

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