Meet the Fam: The Millers

The journey to parenthood isn’t always easy and it’s never one-size-fits-all. Sometimes, you have to go through a series of heartbreaking moments until you finally get to meet your little one. In the latest Meet the Fam, we caught up with the Miller family who opened their hearts to us and wanted to share their inspiring story full of love and strength. Follow their emotional rollercoaster from infertility to their sweet Rainbow Baby (grab those tissues first!).


Tell us about your family

My wife and I started trying for kids in the spring of 2013, and like every young couple, we thought that in 6 months’ time we’ll be pregnant. Turns out, we weren’t like every other couple. After about a year of trying, we were told that a fertility clinic would be the best option for us.

We started with Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, which is basically the “turkey baster” method. We did that 4 times. Each time failed. I can’t explain the heartache or the feeling of despair each time going through the process and losing just a little bit of hope each time.

In March 2016, we both came down with the flu and went to the doctor to be treated. Before they gave my wife medicine, they did a pregnancy test just in case. The doctor came back and said, “Well, I’m about to make your day. The test came back positive.” We both had blank stares. We thought she had the wrong test. We explained to her our situation, crying. We were in shock. How did we get pregnant on our own, after all this?

A few weeks later, we went to the fertility clinic for our ultrasound. I could tell by her body language what the doctor was noticing. “Numbers aren’t where I would have like them to be at this point,” she said. I finally asked if the pregnancy was viable and if the baby would survive. She said, “No, it’s better to let you miscarry or for us to perform a D&C.” Our hearts just completely dropped and fell crashing to the floor. Was this a cruel joke? My wife had a miscarriage. We cried our eyes out and mourned the loss of our baby we would never know or hold.

We went back to the fertility clinic for another failed attempt at an IUI. It came down to how much money we wanted to spend to risk having a baby through IVF. We ended up with 6 viable embryos.

Our next appointment in August was the embryo transfer, which we got to watch on a big screen TV. It was magnified that we were able to see the actual embryo. At just like that… we’re pregnant. This time, there were no double lines or pink or blue smiley faces on a pregnancy test. No, this was more clinical than that. After a small congratulations, we were in the car home. After two weeks, my wife took a pregnancy test and it came back positive!

Now, for the first time in 5 years, we were able to cry real tears of happiness instead of sadness or anger. Our miracle and Rainbow Baby was on the way. Each baby born after a death or miscarriage is called your Rainbow Baby. The rainbow after the storm. His baby shower was rainbow themed.


On April 19 at 4:18 a.m. we welcomed our son, our Tinybeans miracle, into the world. We now have a active, beautiful, handsome baby boy who is 3 1/2 months old in 6 month clothing! He loves to laugh at daddy and coo at mommy. We LOVE Tinybeans, because we can share his moments with family and close friends without allowing the whole world to see him. We keep him close to our hearts. Tinybeans has been great. My wife’s mom watches him while we’re at work, and she constantly uploads pictures of him doing activities so we don’t miss a beat.

What is your favorite moment you’ve captured and why? (also, please send me the photo/video of this moment!)

I would say the video of him laughing and his first bath. Our son was in his car seat and I was making him laugh. It was the first time he laughed continuously and had gotten hiccups. It’s a precious sound.


If you could give yourself one piece of advice before you became a parent, what would it be?

Your heart will heal and it’ll all be worth it. More than you can imagine. The reward is worth the journey.


What upcoming milestone are you excited about?

All of them! But I love capturing little moments the most. Watching him grow and learn each day is awesome. We can not wait to see what is on his mind.

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