Must-have photos to capture this spring

Spring is here which means it’s time to grab the camera and head outside. Here are 12 #TinybeansMoments to give you inspiration to capture this season beautifully.

1. Holding a single flower

The look of innocence and wonder as your child holds onto a single flower is one photo you won’t want to miss.

2. Hanging out in the trees

Snap a shot of your big kid pretending to climb a tree. You’ll miss the silliness one day!

3. Rockin’ the shades

Babies and sunglasses… does it get any more adorable than that?

4. Going on an outdoor adventure

Now is the time to capture those gorgeous sunsets!

5. Wandering through a field of flowers

Nothing says spring quite like a garden! Set your child on one end and run over to the other side and capture their reaction as they explore.

6. Sneaking in bites from the garden

Sometimes a juicy strawberry is just too hard to resist.

7. Embracing the rainy days

Spring showers bring… really cute photo ops? You bet!

8. Pure joy from a swingset

Nothing warms our hearts quite like the pure, genuine smile of a happy baby.

9. Sibling love

Take ordinary outdoor play time and turn it into a mini photo shoot! The grandparents would love it.

10. Bubbles!

Encourage your little one to blow bubbles and capture the magic that happens.

11. Mommy and me photo

Moms (and dads!), don’t forget to step in front of the camera with your child every once in a while. You won’t regret it!

12. Going down the slide

It won’t take much convincing to tell your child to go down the slide over and over again, but we think you’ll love the shots that come from it.

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