Positive Potty Training Tips

Let’s face it: potty training can be stressful for parents and kids, alike. However it doesn’t have to be! it’s all about attitude, and it starts with you! Keeping their spirits up (and yours!) through the process is not always easy, but you can do it! And remember: avoid comparing your child’s journey to others’. Every child, learning style, and situation is different – it’s about adapting to their needs and learning to go with the flow! Who knew that the parent would need as much training as the trainee? New Mantra: GOOD VIBES ONLY :sunglasses:

1. Start a Sticker Chart!  You’ll find plenty of options online, but you can make this yourself, too. Each time your toddler makes it to the potty (or attempts), they get a sticker. Count them up at the end of each day, and give a small gift. This can even be a homemade award certificate – throw a little “ceremony” at the end of each day or week, and present it!

2. “It’s okay, accidents happen.” It can be hard enough to tell ourselves this sometimes, let alone our kids! We have all been there, but if they see you stress over it, so will they, which can hinder training. Always have an extra outfit handy, take a deep breath, and try, try again! 

3. Focus on activities that build confidence. Diapers to potty is a huge change for littles ones to wrap their heads around. Just like adults, struggling to please others, “get it right”, and not make a mistake can take a toll on their emotional well-being. Find activities that help boost them up, like learning to sing the alphabet or recognizing numbers, the LEGO® DUPLO® Number Train is a perfect creative outlet to encourage your child, and give them confidence they need to succeed!

You’ve got this, moms and dads!

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