The complete back-to-school shopping list

It’s almost time for the school year to begin which means refreshing your child’s wardrobe and buying all of the supplies. We came up with the ultimate shopping list that you can just add right to your Amazon cart. 

Toddler-friendly backpack

Finding a backpack that is lightweight yet can hold all of the necessities is key. This unicorn backpack from Skiphop is perfect for your toddler’s trips to the classroom and makes school fun. 

Buy it on Amazon – $19.99

Zip-around pencil case

Your child can keep all of their favorite pencils, erasers, and markers in one safe spot with this lightweight case from ZIPIT.

Buy it on Amazon – $9.99

Crayola back-to-school bundle

For $15, you can get the ultimate Crayola bundle just in time for the school year. Between school projects or coloring for fun, your little one will be set. 

Buy it on Amazon – $14.99

Child-friendly pencils

These pencils have a large diameter which is easy on children’s fingers. 

Buy it on Amazon – $11.61

Heavy duty folders

This 6-pack of school folders by JAM Paper is the perfect way for your child to stay organized for every class. 

Buy it on Amazon – $14.99

Spiral notebooks

Mead Spiral Notebook, 6 Pack of 1-Subject College Ruled Spiral Bound Notebooks, Cute school Notebooks Pantone Colors, 70 Pages

You need colorful notebooks to color code subjects with the colorful folders. This 6-pack of notebooks from Mead are easy for your child to transport. 

Buy it  Amazon – $12.97

Bento-style lunch box

This bento box from Bentgo is leakproof an keeps food fresh for hours. The bento-style box allows for appropriate portion sizes and lets you get creative with the daily menu. 

Buy it on Amazon – $27.99

Kid-friendly water bottle

This fun water bottle from Camelbak will keep your little one hydrated in style. Plus it’s perfect for little hands and won’t spill. 

Buy it on Amazon – $12.75

Pencil grips

If your child isn’t used to holding pencils or their hand cramps up, try using pencil grips. They’ll make it easier for your child to use a pencil and promotes proper handling. 

Buy it on Amazon – $6.29

Lightweight rain jacket

You’ll want a rain jacket that is so lightweight that it can be rolled up and stored in your child’s backpack in case the weather looks suspicious when it’s time to come home. 

Buy it on Amazon – $23.95

Rain boots

LONECONE Rain Boots with Easy-On Handles in Fun Patterns & Solid Colors for Toddlers and Kids

Don’t forget the rain boots! These boots from Lone Cone are made of durable rubber so they are play-proof. 

Buy it on Amazon – $19.99

Mini hand sanitizers

We all know children are full of germs. Teach your child a healthy habit by packing mini hand sanitizers in their backpack – Hopefully your family will be able to avoid seasonal colds. 

Buy it on Amazon – $12.54 (9-pack)

Safety scissors

These Crayola safety scissors ensure “ouch-free” cutting and offer 3 different cut patterns. 

Buy it on Amazon – $3.99

Glue sticks

Glue sticks are an easy way to get the job done without all of the mess. This set of 7 sticks fits perfectly in a pencil bag and features a classroom-safe non-toxic formula. 

Buy it on Amazon – $5.00

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