Want a quicker and easier bedtime routine?

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Get your baby sleeping comfortably with Hatch Baby

You’ve given your little one a bath, put them down for the night with a story and they have (finally!) drifted off to sleep. Yes! Time for you to relax, throw something together for dinner and catch up on Netflix.

Sound too good to be true? Well then, listen up. In honor of National Sleep Comfort Month, we’ve pulled together everything you need to give your baby (and you!) a better night’s sleep. Creating a better sleep environment is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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1. Light and sound are the 2 main culprits when it comes to sleep. It’s too dark with the blackout shades down, but too bright with them open and the moon is full. Too loud for baby when you have the tv on or the doorbell rings, but too quiet for you to tiptoe in without waking them. Nightlights have come a long way. We love Hatch Baby Rest. It combines nightlight and sound machine into one, allowing you to set custom light and sound themes you know your baby will fall asleep to. Bonus: you can adjust it all from your mobile phone.

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2. Make sure your baby is comfortable in their crib. It starts with cozy pajamas and a swaddle or blanket, depending on their age, to keep them snug and safe. The proper mattress firmness and height is also important. Be sure to check if your child’s mattress has one side for infant and one for toddler (many do!) and keep the mattress at the proper crib rail height for your child’s development. Once they are old enough, a favorite stuffed animal is the icing on the cake of comfy sleep. But beware, if you forget that furry friend, forget getting your evening started until it’s found. 

3. Get your climate control under control. Heat can feel toasty and is a total necessity in winter, but it can also make your little one’s throat, nose and skin dry. Make their nursery warm and more comfortable with a humidifier. And if their skin does get dry, be sure to lather them up with moisture rich lotion after the bath. In the warmer months before it gets too hot, use a fan (safely out of baby’s reach) to keep fresh air circulating. Fresh air is not only great for sleep, but a soft breeze can be calming and help lull your child to sleep.

Start becoming a creature of comfort (sleep) for your child. They’ll sleep better. You’ll get more rest as they sleep through household noises and, hopefully, sunrise! Learn more about Hatch Baby Rest.

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