Wean your baby from the swing

Many parents find that the swing is a lifesaver when it comes to helping their young baby sleep. When it’s time to move on, though, some infants have a hard time adjusting to falling asleep without it.
Here are five steps to gently move to a crib or other flat sleeping surface:

(1) Spend a few nights establishing a calm bedtime routine. Consistently use the routine before placing baby in the swing to sleep.

(2) Use a slower speed than usual for several nights. It may take longer for baby to fall asleep, but keep at it!

(3) Place baby in the swing at slow speed, but then stop the movement so baby falls asleep without being rocked.

(4) Do not turn the swing on at all. Allow baby to fall asleep in the swing without any movement.

(5) Continue to maintain your bedtime routine. Lay baby down in crib instead of swing. Give them a few nights to adjust to the change.

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