What’s funny about being a mom? Everything!

It's not unusual for my fam to follow me to a comedy gig! Here we are at The Peoples Improv Theater before a show!

Comedian Jamie Aderski talks parenthood, mental health, and having a sense of humor through it all.

Hi! I’m new here at Tinybeans, as a copywriter and content creator! I don’t believe in luck, but can’t help but feel so darn lucky. Everyone here is just fantastic and I love what I do. (They didn’t pay me to say that, I swear!)

When I had my son nearly 4 years ago, I was suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety – but didn’t know it yet. I struggled with my new role as the caretaker of a tiny new person; the intense wave of emotions I was experiencing, the mental and physical demands. I was fortunate enough to have an easy pregnancy, but like many women, my labor and recovery were incredibly challenging and I felt completely unprepared for the aftermath, which left me confused, angry, and sad. There was immense guilt, too: “Everyone says having a baby is the most incredible thing you can experience in life, I have a beautiful healthy baby, how can I be depressed? What is wrong with me?”

One sleepless night I was up with my 3 month old son, and compelled to write. These late night musings turned into my one-woman show, “Cry Baby: My (Reluctant) Journey into Motherhood.” Along with seeking professional help, performing and sharing my raw truth was healing, to say the least. I met numerous parents and parents-to-be that laughed with me, shared their stories, and even thanked me for my honesty. 

Watson is now almost 4, and my 9-month old daughter Ever, was born two weeks before my 40th birthday. While pregnant (and prior to) I feared becoming a mom would erase who I was, but it was the opposite: it made me more of who I am, a better version, more confident, not to mention, funnier. Being a parent of a toddler and an infant is no joke, but I am determined to make it one, because nothing is more uplifting than laughing over the insanity that is parenthood. I continue to share my brand of mom com at venues all over, as well as here at Tinybeans HQ. I’m so very happy to meet you all!

 : )


Q: Fries or salad?

A: Okay, I love this question, because it tells you everything you need to know about a person. My answer? Fries. I spent my 20’s/30’s being the women who wants fries but orders a sad side salad with her meal. No more! 

Q: I’ve heard your husband has a cool job, do tell!

A. Yes! He’s the executive chef of Buddakan, NYC (and the reason why I don’t have to cook!) 

Q: How did you get into comedy?

A: I was a performer and actor since forever. 10 years ago, I took an improv class and it changed my life. In the acting world, I was constantly trying to fit into someone else’s mold.  Comedy empowered me to write for myself and connect with people in the most rewarding way. (and being a mom has given me endless material, go figure)

Q: Help! I need a creative outlet – and also to get out of the house once in a while. What do you recommend?

A: Take an improv class! You’ll learn the some of the most valuable skills a human can: trusting yourself, supportive teamwork, confidence, getting out of your head, being in the moment, active listening, and it’s FUN! You can find a class in most areas. I cannot recommend The Peoples Improv Theater enough. I’m a longtime performer and instructor at their NYC location, and there’s one in Chapel Hill, too.

Q: Because all kids are NBC’s (Natural Born Comedians) what’s a funny thing your kid said recently?

A: Son: “Mom, are you a joke at work?” Me: “Well I write jokes…I mean, I’m not a..uh…hmmmm. Maybe?” 

Q: Best piece of advice you got as a new mom?

A: “No one else can do what you are doing. No one else can be their mom, and you are giving them everything they need. This is the only job you need to do right now, and you’re doing a great.” – Jeanette Dovas, mom of 4, one of my oldest and closest friends, laughs at all of my jokes.

Q: Best advice you have to give?

 A:  Join a local mom group, even if you think it’s not your thing. Reach out. Check in. Grab a notebook and write down your thoughts and feelings, especially if you have trouble expressing them out loud (like most of us). Share these feelings with your partner, loved ones, and/or strangers even (like, in a mommy meet-up situation, but whatever. Do you, boo!) You’re doing a great job. You are enough, and you got this!

 Jamie’s show schedule, writing and more HERE

Insta: @jaderski

Jamie's must-haves!

I am a product junkie! (and probably tried every mascara on the market) Apparently I have very sweaty eyes, because every other brand is under my eyes by EOD. This (along with Estee’s Double Wear Foundation) is THE BEST. Worth the price, or your money back! (JK I don’t have that kind of power, but if I did!)

If you are gonna splurge on one skincare product…serum! Vitamin C is where it’s at, people. I’ve tried C’s from the cheap to the pricey, and this Peter Thomas Roth jam is tops! A little goes a long way, so it lasts too, and you can use it under your eyes. Double duty. Shake your booty. You’re a cutie.

After kids, more than ever, (shouting it for the people in the back) YOU NEED A GOOD BRA. As a writer, I’m a sucker for a fun name, and Spanx’s Bra-llelujah is so perfect, I wish I wrote it. More than just a name, it’s simply the most comfortable, flattering, and yes, for the small-shouldered ladies like myself, it’s a racerback! THANX, SPANX!

What’s the point of having a kid if you can’t dress them in funny cute onesies? Darned if I know! Two things I love: supporting small businesses and “chicky nuggies!” 😆 Etsy has soooo many fun onesies to fit your baby’s every mood. Picking one that makes you LOL is also an awesome way to give a personal gift to a new parent!”

Yet again, the name drew me in, but the product keeps me coming back! This stuff works better than anything I’ve tried. Another must-gift for my friends with babies!

I don’t want to live in a world where this baby aquarium doesn’t exist. I’m that passionate about it. Just attach to any crib (or your bed, I’m not judging!) and it’s a soothing sound machine, and beautiful nightlight with calming little sea sweeties gracefully swimming about. Seriously. You may want one for yourself! 

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