When you introduce your newborn to your pet: what to expect

As pet owners, we know our fur baby means just as much as our actual baby. For some, your pet may have been there first and helped prepare you for your new addition. Here at Tinybeans, we love seeing our members share how they use our app for their puppy pics. Who says Tinybeans has to be just for babies?!

We sat down with Kim Leb, mama of an 11-month old and “puplicist” to Tucky, Instagram star under the handle @tuckyfromkentucky. She shares how she made sure Tucky adjusted to his new sister and how Tinybeans has made her life easier. 

Tell us about yourself.

We rescued Tucky almost three years ago when he (and his littermates) were dumped in a shelter in Kentucky. He was our original baby and made us a family! Since having our baby girl in March, it’s been a joy watching them get used to–and even start to love–each other!

What advice do you have for parents who are about to introduce their newborn to their pet?

Go slow and know that it’s a process! And don’t forget to show your fur baby lots and lots of love and remind them that they still matter!

What was the biggest adjustment you had to make with a newborn in the house (while still caring for Tucky)?

Making sure Tucky still felt loved and important!

How has Tinybeans made your life easier?

Before we found Tinybeans, we would get nonstop texts from family and friends asking to see pictures of our baby. Tinybeans has saved us so much time because now we just post each night and don’t have to worry about sending individual people updates or pictures. It’s also so special to look at flashbacks and see how much our baby–and we–have grown!

What are your must-have pet or parenting products?

Dog crate: We crate trained Tucky at the start and it’s been hugely helpful for him and for us—he loves going in there when he is overstimulated or needs a break. Amazon - $24.49
Pet step: Tucky sleeps in our bed and in the beginning we had to pick him up every time he jumped off and wanted to come back in. This has been a lifesaver! Amazon - $28.70
Water bowl for crate: This completes Tucky’s crate to make sure he has hydration at all times! Amazon - $11.99
Antler chews: Tucky used to chew up our couch and carpet until we started giving him these! Now he’s a perfect gentleman. Amazon - $23.95
Stacking cups for baby: Our baby has many toys yet these simple inexpensive ones continue to be her #1! Amazon - $8
Baby carrier: We love babywearing for the closeness it promotes as well as how much easier it makes it to get stuff done (like taking Tucky out!).
BIBaDO wearable bib: This thing has made messy mealtimes so much less stressful! Amazon - $27.95

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