Why It’s Okay to Skip Holiday Cards This Year

A day in my life in December:  wake up, get ready, and go. At least, that’s the goal. The issue seems to be that my little ones are not on the same schedule. For busybodies, they’re rather difficult to get ready in the morning. It’s as if they want to do everything except leave the house on time. 

It would be an understatement to say the holidays are a mess. It doesn’t matter what we plan or how much we can fit into one Saturday (yes, we’ve tried it too), something always slips our minds. We’ve lost a present, forgot to shop, skipped the photos, or maybe misplaced an elf! Yikes. 

The most annoying, money-wasting, time-consuming part of all (at least in my opinion) is the holiday cards! Not only do we have to get ready for the photos, but all the kiddos have to be too. Then what happens when none of them are in the mood? The oldest is angry, the youngest is screaming, or if you’re a new mom those photos seem to only be possible in your sleep-deprived daydream. No shame, we’ve been there too. 

Let’s say you have the photos, or maybe you were able to snap one while you were all out and looking cute. Now we have to find time ASAP to get those photos sent out to nearly every family member! They might not all want one, but you can’t send one to a grandparent and not to another – that’s just asking for trouble. Thirty-seven phone calls and two weeks later, we’ve finally made time to buy or print holiday cards. Just in time to arrive before Christmas, that is, if you pay a little extra for postage. 

They say insanity starts when you expect a different result from doing the same thing over and over again. Yet, somehow we try it every time. I mean, why change our holiday tradition? So instead of trying to find a better option – we stick to what we know.

But, imagine a world where all your scheduling works out, you’re ready a week ahead of time and all the LO’s are on the same page as you. I get it, sounds impossible right? Probably. That doesn’t mean having one less thing to stress about won’t help. You might lose the elf, but you can get another one. Presents can be delayed in the mail or found another year. Photos can be taken when the moment is right. Holiday cards… let’s just say they’re a little outdated. 

Why keep paying for postage for 10+ family members you see once a week? Or only let distant family see photos that are ‘prim and proper’? Wouldn’t they rather see them laughing, playing, and having a good time too?  Holiday cards are stressful and limiting. You have HUNDREDS or maybe thousands of photos of your tinybean! Why not just share those ALL THE TIME? We need to stop sweating over a piece of glossy paper and do what’s best for us. 

Let’s stop the struggle and have some peace for once. Take a break from the pressure of forcibly making a memory. Instead, share the moments in your family that not everyone gets to see. 

Tinybeans allows you to upload your photos anytime and share them with anyone in your family. It even sends an email out to everyone when you upload a new picture – you won’t have to send out a group message when you take a cute pic. 

Not only will it save the photos of your precious baby, but it also tracks their milestones. Forget about sending holiday cards when you’re recording your baby standing for the first time. And if you’re family still wants a physical photo, they can order a photo book! No extra effort from you. 

While we can’t promise a perfectly organized holiday season, taking one thing off your plate makes everything easier. The holidays are meant for celebration not frustration. Don’t be pressured into keeping outdated traditions at the risk of your sanity. Figure out what works for you and your tinybeans, then fill in the blanks. Start your FREE Tinybeans journal today.

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