Push Presents: A Gift Guide for New Moms

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Beyond the basics of sleep, sanity, and (duh) diamonds—there are a few gifts that will make any mother of an infant cry with joy. If there’s a new baby on your block, read on for what to get where.


Wine with a Twist-off Top
While any wine, with or without an accompanying meal, is a merciful gift, you can show your sensitive side by bringing only bottles with a twist-off top. New moms learning to navigate life with only one hand might one day forget who gave them the hand smocked day gown, but they’ll never forget your thoughtful gift.

Where to Get It: H&F Bottleshop, 2357 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA, 30305, (404) 841-4070


Obvi, right? Everyone knows that nursing moms are not only ravenous but also incapable of feeding her hungry houseful after coming home from the hospital. Carry on the age-old tradition of taking food to the home, but remember: most people in Atlanta aren’t from Atlanta, and will have a few extra out-of-town mouths to feed in the weeks right after baby’s arrival.

Where to Get It: Zoe’s, (Order a dinner for four and you’ll have something healthy, delicious, and plenty of it when you make your casserole-call.) or jet over to any of these prepared food boutiques


Dinner, Delivered
Sure, that new mama would love a visit from her close friends for some much needed grown-up talk, but if you’re not sure if you qualify as that friend, you can always send a meal, instead. It may catapult you into BFF status faster than a girl’s trip.

Where to Get It: Instead of Flowers (You can either choose the meal you’d like delivered, or pay up front and have Instead of Flowers contact your recipient with a menu selection, and all deliveries are scheduled through the recipient.)


If you’re paying attention, you’ve noticed the food theme we’ve got going here. But the truth is the truth, and aside from a full meal, there’s nothing better than a stocked fridge for naptime noshing.

Where to Get It: Lucy’s Market (Stock up on the killer pimiento cheese from Buttermilk Kitchen or order a customized gift basket) 102 West Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, Georgia 30305, or cookies from any of these shops around town


Monogrammed Anything
This is the South. You could bring over a pair of Hanes-Her-Ways with a monogram on it and there’s a good chance the recipient would wear them over her capris. Or you could just pick up a pair of monogrammed bloomers for the baby and save everyone the embarrassment.

Where to Get It: South of Hampton, 3725 Powers Ferry Road, Building B Atlanta, GA 30342 (Behind Sardis Church), or In Stitches, 314 Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, Ga 30305


Anything for the Siblings
We’re not talking Christmas here, but if you want to make a mom love you forever, you’ll bring something for the other kids (who’ve been driving her nuts all day) to open. Doubly good? It will be something to keep them busy. Don’t break the bank, but anything from a sticker book to a US quarter collecting map will rock her world.

Where to Get It: Richard’s Variety Store, 2347 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305 and 931 Monroe Drive NE, Suite # 113, Atlanta, GA 30308

What was your favorite gift you got when you were the new mama on the block? Tell us in the comments section below!

—Shelley Massey

Photos courtesy of the author, clhendricksbc via flickr Creative Commons, Zoёs Kitchen via Facebook and Lucy’s Market via Facebook