Cool Wheels: 4 Stroller Accessories to Beat the Heat

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Strolling through the park or along the Beltline is great way to get some fresh air with your little one while squeezing in some exercise in your busy day.  But in Hotlanta, that stroller or car seat can quickly turn into a sauna on wheels.  Here are four stroller accessories that will keep the kids cool while you stroll in style.


Stroller Fan
Battery-operated fans provide a steady refreshing breeze even on the hottest days.  These mini fans clip on to most strollers and are lightweight and compact enough to toss into your diaper bag or keep in the stroller basket.

Available at New Baby Products.


Sunshade Canopy
Create your own shade wherever you go with a collapsible stroller sunshade. This Brica canopy is made of breathable mesh to let in a fresh breeze while protecting you little one from UVA/UVA rays and bugs alike.  The cover works on most car seats and folds into a small zippered pouch when not in use.

Available at New Baby Products.


Strong sunrays beaming down and bouncing off the concrete jungle can damage sensitive young eyes.  Keep ‘em safe even when there isn’t a shady spot in sight with infant and kid appropriate sunglasses. These Babiators will keep your kids looking cool while blocking out 100% of UVA/UVB rays.  These shades are so hip, your kid might even let go of your Ray-bans for a minute.

Available at Seed Factory.

Putting the teething toy to good use

Frozen Toys
Remember those gel filled toys that were lifesavers during the teething days? Bring them out of storage, freeze, and toss into the stroller for instant cooling relief. Teething rings are super portable and less messy than conventional ice packs.

Available at New Baby Products.

How do you keep your kid cool? Tell us in the comments section below!

–Denise Lippert

Photos courtesy of Creative Commons via Flickr, Brica, and Babiators via Facebook