Inside Dream Friends Entertainment with the Totally Awesome Awards 2016

Dream Friends Entertainment just won a Totally Awesome Award for Most Delightful Birthday Entertainers in Atlanta. We recently spoke to them about their experience as a business owner, the best advice they’ve ever received and more. Hear what they have to say below!


Red Tricycle: Your community recently voted you “Most Delightful Birthday Entertainers” – what do your customers value most about your business?
Dream Friends Entertainment: Quick response and quality, affordable talent.

RT: What do you want people to know about your business that they don’t already know?
DFE: In addition to entertainment we also offer photography and video services.’

RT: How did your business get started and what was the motivation?
DFE: I was inspired by all of the talented actors I was working with in Atlanta.

RT: Tell us, what do you start your morning with: 1. coffee 2. tea 3. mimosa 4. water 5. all of the above.
DFE: Tea.

RT: What is the most awesome thing a customer has ever done for you?
DFE: They send additional tips for performers who really wowed them.

RT: What is your biggest pet peeve as a business owner?
DFE: Last minute cancellations. The actors take the events very seriously and block off their time for them. It’s hard to fill the spot for them last minute.

RT: How do you keep your stress levels down?
DFE: Kayaking and hiking along the Chattahoochee River

RT: What’s your secret superhero power as a business owner?
DFE: I was an entertainer at events for 12 years, so I really know what works and what doesn’t.

RT: How about the worst piece of advice you’ve ever received?
DFE: Book the event and then find the talent. I never did, I know better! I never want to cancel on a client.

RT: Is there a special offer you’d like to include for Red Tricycle readers?
DFE: $15 off.


Check out their website here.

Photo credit: Kester Chau


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