Meet Phebe, Red Tricycle’s Atlanta Editor

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When we first spoke to Atlanta mama Phebe Wahl we merely wanted to pick her brain about the Atlanta market. We figured that with three kids (Ellie, four years; Vivian, four months; Mason, two years) and a job as Editor-in-Chief at The Atlantan Brides, she couldn’t possibly be interested in taking on another gig as our Atlanta Editor. But, we were (thankfully) wrong. Phebe came on board, artfully crafting and editing copy as if she’s been with us for years, spearheading our social media initiatives, and giving us the inside scoop about parenting kids in Atlanta. We couldn’t be more thrilled that Phebe is a part of the Red Tricycle team. Read on to learn more about Phebe and her family life in Atlanta.

What’s your idea of an awesome day with the fam?
Starbucks. Atlanta Botanical Garden. Landmarck Diner. Nap.

What’s your favorite Atlanta neighborhood?
Brookhaven for quiet walks. Westside for shopping.

What do you love most about being a Atlanta parent?
The resources and experiences available here to enrich the lives of my children. We have it all from the world’s largest aquarium to one of the only remaining centers for puppetry arts in the country.

What do you love least about being a Atlanta parent?
That so many opportunities can be overwhelming and is easy to over schedule or lose sight of letting your kid just be a kid.

Essential can’t-live-without mom product?
The running board attachment on my Bugaboo stroller. It keeps my 2 year old contained when my 3 under 5 and I are on the go!

What are you looking forward to doing with your kids this year?
Exploring all the places, new parks and playgrounds we feature on Red Tricycle!

As Red Tricycle’s first ever Atlanta editor, what are you most excited about?
Bringing Atlanta parents an insider’s guide to raising kids in town. We know that when it comes to the small set, the little things (like clean potties and free cupcakes) make a big difference!

If you want to say hello to Phebe and tell her what you’re loving (and maybe what you’re not loving so much) about Red Tricycle Atlanta email her at Ride on!

Photo courtesy of Heidi Geldhauser