Two’s Company: The Low-down on Lactation Classes in Atlanta

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Whether you’re pregnant for the first time and want to get pumped with information, or an experienced mom who wants a refresher—taking a lactation class will get you on your breast behavior. However, much like your own set of “twins,” no two breastfeeding classes are created exactly alike. Here’s the low-down on breastfeeding resources that are worth latching on to.

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Atlanta Breastfeeding Consultants 
Leah Aldridge and Clare Eden have over twenty years of combined experience helping moms feed babies. Both are board certified lactation consultants, which is the international standard for breastfeeding knowledge. They offer individual and group classes, so you can save money by inviting a few friends and organizing a “Breastfeeding House Party” at your home or one of their locations. They also offer consultations through pediatric offices, so talk to your baby’s doctor to see if you can get shots, weight, and breastfeeding all taken care of in one visit. Plus, they offer private troubleshooting visits postpartum, so if things don’t go as smoothly as you hope, you’ll have a number for breastfeeding help already on speed dial.


Lactation Consultants of Atlanta
LCA’s intro to breastfeeding is a comprehensive class offered by certified lactation educators. Although it’s not taught by IBCLCs, the group has board certified specialists on staff, so you can connect with one of them if you need extra help. LCA also sells products like maternity clothes and baby carriers and offers resources like rental breast pumps as well as several different classes, making it a one-stop resource for breastfeeding information.


Lumina Birth
Lumina Birth is a doula group that offers just about everything you’ll need from the day you get pregnant till your baby is three months old. From childbirth classes to postpartum counseling, from pregnancy photography to placenta encapsulation, the range of services includes classes from childbirth to postpartum fitness. And oh yes, breastfeeding. You can choose a private or a group breastfeeding class, both of which are taught by certified lactation educators with the support of board certified lactation consultants.


Village Lactation Services
Village Lactation Services is owned by Meghan Garcia-Salas, a certified lactation counselor and certified breastfeeding specialist. She offers a “Breastfeeding Bootcamp” class for couples as well as private consultations and a 24-hour hotline. So if your baby’s up screaming and refusing to eat at 2 am, you’ve got someone you can call.

Oasis Lactation Services
Oasis Lactation Services is run by Danielle Downs in Suwannee, a certified lactation counselor. Group classes include an intro to breastfeeding, a class on pumping, and a free breastfeeding support group.


La Leche League
La Leche League is an international nonprofit that offers free breastfeeding support groups led by La Leche League trained leaders. Although the leaders aren’t as knowledgeable as a certified consultant, they do know a lot about boobs, and they can connect you with other resources if you need them. Plus, the meetings are a great excuse to hang out with other moms and not worry about whether you’re leaking.

International Lactation Consultant Association
Need more than an intro class? If you’re looking for professional breastfeeding support, the International Lactation Consultant Association has a directory of board certified lactation consultants. International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) are the most highly educated professionals on human lactation and breastfeeding. Search the directory by zip code to find someone near you who can visit you for an in-home consultation.

What resources helped you when you were new to nursing? Share with us in the comments section below!

–Lisa Baker

Photos courtesy of Atlanta Breastfeeding Consultants, and Creative Commons via Flickr