Awesome Natural Products I Found For Me While Trying To Be Healthier For My Kid

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Ever since becoming a mom, I have made a concerted effort to use products on myself, my son and at home, with ingredients that are more natural.  But I have to say, it is hard.  Especially to find products that actually work well, that you don’t have to use a ton of and are in a reasonable price point.  Here are some I happen to come across that actually do what they say and can stack up against other products that have more bad for you products.  What I guess I really love about these is, is that I genuinely love how the products work against their less natural counterparts out there, and so the fact that they have better ingredients makes me even happier.  These are all at varying price points, so really my love of them has less to do with cost.  However, almost all of them come at a reasonable price.  Without further ado, the 10 I love most and keep buying again and again include:

1.  Honest Lip Crayon-I actually use a lot of the Honest products, both from the original line of products and their new beauty line.  I will admit, if I like one of their products, I love it.  If I don’t, I usually despise it.  This lipstick/matte gloss is perfection and here is why.  It comes in a good number of shades, and having tried a good number of them, they all look good on me (btw I have olive skin and dark features).  Don’t believe me. Each of the products in the beauty line shows you what the color will look like on about 10 different complexions and coloring.  Just click on the girl who is the closest to your coloring on the website and viola, you can get an idea what it will look like on you.  The lip crayons are not too glossy and are not too matte.  The color lasts, and although it looks more like a jumbo lip crayon, it actually works more like a lipstick because you just turn the bottom to get more product out.  No sharpener needed.  Also, the company, in general, has great customer service which is nice if you want to return something or it never gets shipped to you, or if the wrong thing got shipped.   Even my mom cannot get enough these and keeps having me order her more in varying shades.

2.  Lush Ocean Salt Scrub-Now I know for a fact this company just uses the most natural ingredients, and they also have ecofriendly packaging.  Again, a lot of their products are very good and I like them, but this scrub is just something else.  Not too grainy and too soft, it brightens up your skin like nothing else.  I love the smell, but it’s not overpowering.  My skin just feels crazy smooth after I used it.  And well, it’s got vodka in it for peat’s sake.  Side note, ask the sales associate to mix it for your in-store because it is a little difficult to do yourself.  Oh and Lush, please bring the Lovely Jubblies cream back.

3.  Aveda st‌yle Prep-Now, don’t let the name confuse you.  This sounds like it’s meant to be sprayed before you st‌yle or blow dry your hair (which it can be), but for someone like me with long wavy hair, I wanted something to put in my hair that would make it look great but without having to blow dry.  In comes the st‌yle prep.  I actually go to an Aveda salon (their hair color is made of 60% plant products), and when I asked about a product that would work something like a sea salt spray, one of the hair dressers pointed this out to me.  So, I gave it a try and boy did it work.  For my hair, which again is wavy, it gave it these beautiful natural waves, did not feel crunchy, and provided some fullness.  When I use it before I blow my hair out, it really gives it great body and fullness.  I could see this doing wonders for fine hair as well because of the body it provides.  For whatever reason, I also felt like my hair felt cleaner for more days, particularly at the roots.

4.  Agent Nateur No. 3 Deodorant-I kept hearing about the benefits of natural deodorants and changing to a natural deodorant had other health benefits.  So, I decided to give it a try, but the problem with most, it does not combat sweat and B.O. effectively.  Thus, I was left smelling like I had just gone to the gym.  Here is one that does and naturally at that.  I’m sold.

5.  Beauty Counter Face Oil-Again, another company that really is natural.  This face oil is actually not oily and a little in your sunscreen or moisturizer really makes the skin glow.  There are three different types, depending on your skin and having tried two, I liked both.  I loved this product because I have oily skin and the thought of using oil on it made be scream in horror, but this does not make the skin oily.  Other benefits, it heals a blemish quickly and does not let it scar and I have used it as a cuticle oil.

6.  Honest Wipes-I told you I like the Honest line.  Now, how are wipes a beauty product?  Well, how are they not.  Although Honest Beauty has makeup remover wipes, I love these more.  They are so thick, like using a piece of cloth, non-irritating and really take the day off.  I also use these like antibacterial wipes, and they are miraculous in removing a stain off my clothes.  Oh yeah, I do use them on my son’s bum as well.

7.  ColorScience Sunforgettable Sunscreen Powder Tint-SPF 50 protection against UVA/UVB rays in a portable, self-dispensing brush powder with a hint of tint.  Great for re-applying throughout the day.  I especially like this formulation because if I start to experience some shine during the day, I put this all over knowing I am reapplying sunscreen and it’s not a heavy powder with a lot of color. It also does not mess with my make-up.  In the summer, I love this especially when going to the beach, because it doesn’t feel like heavy make-up and its better for my skin than just a regular sunscreen.

8.  Bare Minerals Powder Concealer-I am a big fan of the Bare Minerals line because it’s really good make-up made of really good things, and the products are at great price points.  This concealer, however, is really amazing.  It has SPF in it, covers like nothing else, comes in a ton of different shades, lasts forever, feels weightless, and is great for more oily skin because it’s a powder concealer, not a cream or liquid.  I will admit, I also use a cream color corrector under this for my dark circles, but I have pretty dark circles (even before the sleepless nights with my son).  Nonetheless, this covers very well even without it.  The best thing for me is, it never gets into those lines or creases because it’s a powder and sets really well for that same reason.

9.  Klorane Dry Shampoo-I like a lot of different dry shampoos and have tried many, but if you want one that’s natural and effective, this is the one.  No sulfates, parabens or sodium chloride.  Also, there is a tint for darker hair, so it won’t leave that white residue.  Good price point as well.

10.  La Mer Face Moisturizer-If I could fill my bathroom with all their products, I would.  Created by an aerospace physicist to treat his burns from a lab accident.  Every time I use one of their products I am amazed how effective it is.  However, these products will give you major sticker shock.  They are quite pricey, but still well worth it for three reasons.  One, they 100% work.  Two, they last a while, giving the cheaper products a run for their money in the long run especially those in the $65-$100 range.  Three, it’s still cheaper than surgery.  In addition, to keep this product lasting a little longer, I only put it on once a day in the a.m.  If you have never used any of the La Mer line, I would start with this one first.  It comes in various formulations ie. thicker or thinner, depending on type of skin and time of season.  For example, when I lived on the east coast, I found I needed to use the thicker formulation in the winters and the thinnest in the summer.  After having moved to L.A. where its dry heat, I find the middle thickness is fine all year round.  Another plus, the sales people are more than happy to give you samples because they know the stuff works.  So, don’t be shy, find their beauty counter at Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus and ask for a sample to see for yourself.