Your neighborhood playground rocks the basics with slides, swings and monkey bars for your speedy sidekick to cross. But does it have handcrafted netting pods? Fantasy cottages? Or spelunk-able slides and trampolines? We searched the world over to find jaw-dropping playgrounds that kick park play into high gear. Flip through to find the play spot of your dreams.

The Belleville Playground – Paris France

After a series of workshops with children, moms and pops, design firm BASE fine-tuned their incredible design to become an amazing transformative piece that pulls together hull of a boat, the wall of a castle and a treehouse so that kids can have any adventure they choose. The Belleville Playground welcomes climbers rain or shine, and its unique combination of nature and man-made space results in a safe oasis for all ages. See more photos at BASE

photo: The Belleville Playground / BASE

Which one is your favorite? Is there an amazing playground we should add? Leave us a Comment below. 

— Allison Sutcliffe, Christal Yuen & Scott Wardell



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