This Baby’s Reaction to Her Mother’s Voice Is Everything

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Four-month-old Georgina Addison is the newest twitter star! The baby, who was born deaf, was fitted with hearing aids when she was only a few weeks old. When her dad, Paul, recently posted a video of the little girl cooing after he flipped on her hearing aids, the clip went viral.

In the oh-so-sweet video the U.K.-based parents, Paul and Louise, wake up baby Georgina. After the couple switches on her hearing aids, the adorable four-month-old cutely coos, smiles and giggles!

The video has already garnered global attention, getting more than 51,000 likes and 762,000 views on Twitter already.

One Twitter follower asked Paul, “So you get to have this cute reaction every morning?!” The proud dad replied, “Yes we do! So lucky right?!” We totally agree.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Burst via Pexels




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