Baby Sleep While on the Move

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If only every mom could find the secret to baby sleep. Who doesn’t wish there was a sleep manual when you become a mother to follow exactly and it would work for your child. Well, until then you have to learn yourself what works for your babe. It’s a journey. Another journey is accomplishing it on the move. 

There’s no getting around it. There are times you need to be on the move. Flying, road trips, doctor appointments, errands, events, you name it. These are moments you will be out and about with your baby. Times that you will need to make a plan if/when it collides with the babes sleep schedule. Here are a couple tips to help you while on the move.

Plan ahead. If you know you’re going to be away then plan your trip. I mean down to the detail. Sounds silly but I like to map out when/where I’m going to do a diaper change, feed, and where the baby will sleep. For example: You’re getting ready to jump on a plane. Do a diaper change before boarding. Breastfeed/bottle feed during the start of the flight. Then I knew my baby would go to sleep to the movement of the plane. It’s all about planning! Does your baby enjoy a sound machine? Invest in a portable one. That way your baby will be use to the noise and be comfortable to fall asleep. 

Does your baby like movement to go to sleep? Then plan for your baby to sleep while in the stroller, baby carrier/wrap, or car seat. Easy times to let movement put them to sleep. Try to keep the length of them asleep the same same as usual. If this means keep walking in the stroller, then by all means go for it. If your baby has a blanket, pacifier, or other item they associate sleep with definitely don’t forget it. 

If you’re traveling between houses, decide if a travel crib would be helpful. If so, a quick way to introduce it to your baby is by having a fitted sheet in it that has been in your house. Why? Because the scent of the blanket will be that of your house. Your baby might be comforted by that familiar scent.  If you’re absolutely sure your baby will not sleep while on the move then prepare yourself for what’s going to happen when they don’t. There’s no reason to beat yourself up about it. Just try your best to continue on. The best way is to prepare for the worst. If it means the baby being cranky, and schedule changing then prepare for it! You can get through it!

With all these tips in mind, remember that it’s a learning process. You know whats best for your baby although you might think you don’t! Before long you’re going to be a expert!