Baby Name Fun Facts at Your Fingertips

Choosing a baby name is a big, exciting decision. Will it be James or Jaroslav? Elizabeth or Electra? Or any of the thousands of options in between? Here to help you make your decision is, a cool — and oddly addictive — website. It shows you the popularity of any baby name, at any given moment in history.

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The site gives you need-to-know info in just a few seconds. Just type in the name you’re considering and it will take you to a chart that shows what year the name peaked and how popular it has been since. For example, the name Henry peaked in 1881, and in the year 2010 there were only 400 babies born that year with the name Henry in the United States. So, if you named your baby Henry today, there’s a good chance he’ll be one of a few.

You can even look at a map of the United States that shows the year in which the name peaked in each State. If your name is Jessica, your name was most popular between 1970 and 2000. And if you live in Los Angeles, that name was the most popular in that state during 1987.

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If you have a list of baby names and are having trouble narrowing it down, this tool could be very helpful in finding one that is both unique and historic. It’s easy to use and takes seconds.

Try it out at and let us know what you discover about your name! Tell us in the Comments below.

— Christina Fiedler


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