Birth Announcement Videos That Deserve Oscars

There’s no more captivating way to say, “Baby’s here!” than with a video. Hold your hearts and watch how these parents introduce their new arrival in creative and funny ways. YouTube gold? We think so.

Balloon Birth Announcement
With 1.5 million views on the video-sharing site Vimeo, this is one of the first birth announcements to ever go viral. Without giving away the surprise, it features a mom-to-be who uses balloon trickery to bring baby into the picture. The happy beat of the background song adds to the magic!

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News from Don Rob on Vimeo.


Toys Welcome Baby Home
When mom is suddenly rushed to the hospital, who makes a welcome-home sign for the new baby? In this adorable case, it’s little Jordi’s toys! Watch as three circus animals fiddle with the alphabet to welcome their new friend.

Birth Announcement from Rebecca Tegtmeyer on Vimeo.


Fairy Tale Story
Baby Liam is going to have a story to tell after his parents show him this video. It’s modern fairy tale packaged into what looks like an indie movie — boy meets girl, they fall in love and, well … you know the ending. Stick with it long enough to see the baby floating in an upside-down umbrella.


Meeting New Little Brother
Our list wouldn’t be complete without a French short film. Curiosity grabs at this tot when he hears a crying sound. Watch he waddles his way upstairs to discover his new brother, and comes up with the perfect name for him.

Il était une fois... from Indikade on Vimeo.


Preparing For the Baby
Counting down to D-Day (delivery day) has never been so heartwarming. From knitting baby clothes to decorating the nursery to packing the diaper bag, to building their crib, the preparations in this video play out like a sweet dream.

And Everything Nice from John Jensen on Vimeo.


Bear Meets Best Friend
After waiting nine long months and witnessing all the new additions to the room, nobody is more eager to meet the new baby than this cuddly teddy bear. Talk about love at first sight.


Future of the Baby
Baby is here! What next? As mock newspaper headlines about the newborn flash across the screen, a couple speculates on the laughter and tears she will bring. No matter what happens, this dad and mom love their little girl no matter what.

Birth Announcement from Ben Coccio on Vimeo.


Little Cupcake
Cravings are technically an unofficial symptom of pregnancy, which is why we love this scrumptious video. From pregnancy to birth, this mom turns all the cupcakes she’s eaten into one cute lil’ sugar puff.


Be Careful, Dad
Hospital visits can be arduous for moms and adrenaline rushes for dads. Check out this hilarious birth announcement video in which an overeager dad lets his excitement get the better of him. The surprise ending will make you chuckle.


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— Christal Yuen


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