Listen Up! Ear & Eye Protection Your Kids Will Actually Wear (& Love)

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Slathering on sunscreen, healing cuts and bruises, and correctly buckling your kids into their carseats is just a normal day of parenthood. After all, you’re a mother hen whose instincts to protect and keep your family safe are always alert. Continue to look out for your brood’s best interests with BanZ, a dad-founded company that cares about your kids’ health as much as you do. Read on to find out how BanZ’s innovative hearing protection, wrap-around protective lenses and sun protection will help you keep your kids safe and having fun–just like you always wanted.

BanZ’s Products: What You Need to Know
What started out as a company focused on wrap-around, 100% UV protective lenses has now expanded to produce collections of kids protective wear that include earBanZ hearing protection, UPF50+ swimwear, sun hats and more.

Their first product–wrap-around, banded design and 100% UV protective lenses–are a hit with families. Available in a variety of colors and styles, BanZ offers up a product that’s functional and comfortable (and one that your baby and kids will actually keep on!). The lenses are outfitted with a rubber nose and brow piece, and have passed the most stringent standards on sunglasses in the world.


While eye protection is a huge concern for parents, equally so is ear protection. So the pros at BanZ created their infant and kid hearing protection line. Designed like big earmuffs with no protruding parts that can catch on things, BanZ’s protectors keep out loud harmful noises without shutting out other ambient sounds. We think they’re perfect for sporting events, concerts, a loud playground or even to create a silent atmosphere to calm your babes down.

Where to Buy and a Special Offer
Shop in-store (click here for BanZ store locator) or buy via their website at Protective lenses start at $15 and ear protectors start at $30.

Use coupon code RED2016 to save 30% off your order at through July 31, 2016.


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