Fun Games & Activities That Won’t Give You Cold Feet

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They spent the entire winter covered and cozy. With summer here, it’s time to let those dogs out and let the little piggies wiggle. For National Go Barefoot Day we want you to (no surprise here) go barefoot. Below are four activities and games you can play without shoes. Just don’t drag your feet–this day only comes once a year!

1. LEGO Pass
Test the dexterity of those little toes. Sit on the ground with a few LEGO pieces on the floor. Try picking up a brick and passing it to your neighbor without letting it drop. If LEGO bricks are too small, give this game a whirl with other household objects. The wackier the better!

2. Blindfolded Guessing Game
This game takes a bit of preparation but the sensory fun your kids will experience is oh-so-worth it. Without your kids peeking, pick a few textured objects like a soft blanket, dog bed and bubble wrap. Blindfold your kiddo and have him or her step on the objects barefoot to try and guess what they are. This game also works well outside, too!

3. Long Jump
Without any shoes have your kids stand in one place behind a piece of tape on the ground. Simply by swinging their arms and using the momentum of their bodies measure how far they can jump from a stand-still. Measure the distance and see throughout the day (or even the summer) if they can beat their longest jump.

4. Footprint Art
This popular type of art project isn’t just for babies. If you have older kiddos try your hand (errr…foot) at creating footprint art. Here are a handful of ideas to get you started.

What other games and activities can you play while barefoot? Leave a tip below!

— Erin Lem

photo: Kenderken via flickr