Be In Control of your Kid’s Safety Even While You’re Away

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Parents are the most paranoid human beings in the world, and they have every right to be. If they could watch over their kids 24/7, they would. But parents have to go to work, pick up the grocery, and be responsible adults. They have to leave their kids at home with a babysitter or another adult.   A groundbreaking study by the Overseas Development Institute found that more than 35 million children under the age of five, all from 53 of the poorest countries, are being left alone or with a sibling. Most parents, especially mothers said they have no choice because they have to work, despite the  risk of injury and loneliness among their children due to lack of supervision.  

The realities of the world today are harsh. While the chance of a child getting abducted by a stranger is lower than a child getting injured in a car accident, parents are naturally afraid to leave their kids at home alone, whether for an entire afternoon or just a couple of hours. Home crimes are common and kids’ safety is something that needs to be worked on.  

Fortunately, there are many ways to ensure that your children are safe at home. While parents are away, they can be assured that their home and their children are safe.  

Create a security plan  

Consider your child’s maturity level and from that, outline a safety plan. Define to the child what an emergency is and what to do in case there is one. Start with the important numbers and encourage  her or him to be comfortable about asking for help. You can do this by role-playing and pretending by using  walkie-talkies. Make sure your child knows where and how to reach you. Familiarize your child with the community and where she or he could run in cases of emergency. If your child is too young for this, make sure the babysitter knows what to do.  

Beyond band-aid  

Set aside a first-aid kit and make sure your child knows where to find it and how to use it. Take advantage of the fact that most kids like to play doctors. Teach them basic first-aid and show them how to use each thing on the kit. Also make sure that your child is old enough to understand this and that she or he takes the lesson very seriously.

Lock dangers away

Keep children safe at home by making sure that chemicals, cleaners, medicines, and other dangerous materials are out of their reach. Toddlers are naturally curious and would put everything in their mouth. Hand tools, knives, razors, and other sharp objects also have to be locked up. Do not take your chance with these things.  

Do some child-proofing  

Kids like climbing up on everything. Rearrange your furniture so that the child won’t have easy access to the window via a side table or chair. Make sure they can’t climb on kitchen counters or shelving units either.   Cover electrical outlets. Attach protective foam to  edges and corners to prevent injuries. Keep all choking hazards and breakable items out of reach. You may also install safety gates at the door, stairs, and the pool.  

Clip-on child trackers

Know where your kids are all the time by getting one of those child trackers or locators. This is among the many technological wonders and ideas to keep your children safe when you’re away from home. They come in two units: one for the child and another for the parent. They can be clipped onto the child’s clothing or as an armband. The modern version can be programmed and set at a particular distance. If they go beyond the set distance between your home and office, the tracker or locator will set off the alarm.  

Monitor their movements  

A home alarm system is not just about vanity anymore. It is something that every home and family needs. A study by Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation (AIREF) showed that security systems are effective burglar deterrents, with about 73% of burglars saying that if a home has an alarm system, they would seek another target and discontinue the attempt.   It is a good thing that technology now allows parents to monitor their home and their children remotely. Honeywell Security systems do not simply sound off alarms or perform surveillance, they also provide live video viewing and mobile control. If you want to see if your baby is currently napping, just access your home’s security cameras and get some peace of mind.  

Track and be alerted real-time

Are your kids home from school? Did they go out for ice cream with the babysitter? Now, Honeywell Security gives you the answers wherever you are. Honeywell Total Connect remote services include receiving e-mail, text or video alerts of day-to-day happenings in real-time such as when your child arrives from school. It also gives you real-time GPS location of your assets such as your vehicle. If the babysitter or your sister decided to take your kids out for ice cream, you could track where they are.  

Neighborhood watch

If you are lucky enough to have kind and reliable neighbors, ask them to keep a close eye on your home and your children while you’re away. They are usually more than willing than what you give them credit for. They have the quickest access to the front door, so it helps to maintain good relations with your next-door neighbors. Don’t forget to return the favor.   You would think that the home is the safest place on earth. However, incidents of burglaries and other home emergencies have probably changed that perspective a bit. Luckily, you can still be in control of your kids’ safety with these simple ideas. Make sure they are safe at home by not taking any chances.

Patricia Evans is an Interior Designer, Residential Designer, Art Crafter, DIYer and a full time mother. She writes about interior decorating, she loves working with shapes, shades and spaces. She is also into green and simple living, she loves cooking and having tea.

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