The Best New Kids Books in April


A is for Awesome, and A is for April. So why not read some awesome new books for kids this month? We’ve rounded up a shortlist of our favorites that are fresh off the presses.

Three New Indestructibles Titles

Babies put everything in their mouths and even the most sturdy board books can fall prey to a toddler's destruction. New this month is three titles from the popular Indestructibles series: The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Row, Row, Row Your Boat all by Amy Pixton and illustrated by Maddie Frost. All of these books are chew proof, rip proof, nontoxic, 100% washable and are super thin and light so they make for great reads to throw in your diaper bag. 

Ages 0+

Available on 


Look, There's a Helicopter!

Each book in this charming board book series follows a vehicle on its journey, introducing new readers to a host of words. Die-cut pages mean there's an interactive component, engaging those chubby little fingers in the story. This charming board book and its companion, Look, There's a Tractor (both out this April) are wonderfully illustrated by Dutch artist, Esther Arts. 

Ages: 1-4

Get yours here. $7.99

Maisy at Home: A First Words Book

Candlewick Press

Little Maisy mouse is back again, this time with a wonderful board book designed to boost your kiddos vocabulary. Lucy Cousins' classic illustrations are enhanced by this tabbed board book: there are tabs with images like fish, an apple, a moon that kids can use to open the book to a page all about that theme (the moon leads to bedtime words, for example). We also loved Maisy's Day Out, just released in April as well. 

Ages: 1-3 

Get a copy here. $7.05

A Piglet Named Mercy

This picture-book prequel to the beloved Mercy Watson chapter book series by Kate DiCamillo (and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen) brings us right to the doorstep of the Watsons and tells the hilarious origins of that porcine wonder, Mercy, in full-color illustrations. The perfect introduction to the series, but even older readers will appreciate the origin tale. Available April 2. 

Ages: 3-7

Get yours here, $13.28

High Five

Penguin Random House

From the wonder-twins who brought you Dragons Love Tacos and RoboSauce (and many other epic books), author Adam Rubin and illustrator Daniel Salmieri have teamed up again for High Five. Discover the fine, lost art of high five-ing. From hand-limbering stretches to lessons on five-ing with finesse, readers are guided through a series of interactive challenges, each goofier than the next! 

Available April, 2019. 

Ages: 3-5

Pre-order your copy here, $18.99

Tomorrow Most Likely

Chronicle Books

Dave Eggers is at it again with his newest release for kiddos ages 3-5, Tomorrow Most Likely. Publishing this month from Chronicle Books, this new read illustrated by Lane Smith reinvents the classic bedtime book. Instead of focusing on what happened that day, the little boy protagonist focuses on the future and imagines all the fun, dreamy and whimsical things that might happen tomorrow. 

Ages 3-5

Available for $12.75 on,

¡Vamos! Let's Go to the Market


Fans of Richard Scarry will appreciate the lively details of this Mexican-American story by award-winning illustration Raúl the Third. This bilingual book teaches kids new words in Spanish while traveling through the bustling, border-town marketplace. Inspired by the author-illustrator's own life growing up between El Paso, Texas and Cuidad Juarez, Mexico, this exciting new book is a must-read for April and beyond. On sale Apr. 2. 

Ages: 4-7

Get your copy at, $10.91


Gondra's Treasure

Linda Sue Park's new book Gondra's Treasure introduces young readers to the differences between dragons of the East and dragons of the West, but it also teaches a sweet lesson in how differences can come together to make something even greater than caverns of gold and shining pearls. Illustrated by Jennifer Black Reinhardt. 

Ages: 4-7

Get it here, $12.75


Little, Brown and Company

One dad faces the ultimate challenge: convincing his daughter that the weed on his perfectly manicured lawn must go. From trying to snip the dandelion at naptime to sneaking behind his daughter's back when he thinks she's not looking, Dad does everything to try to convince his daughter, Sweetie that the dandelion (which she lovingly names Charlotte) is not fit for his perfect yard. Find out what happens in this endearing and funny tale from Ame Dyckman and illustrator Charles Santoso in this book debuting this month. 

Ages: 4-8

$12.75, on

Swarm of Bees

Little Brown/Hatchett

Beloved author Lemony Snicket teams up with Rilla Alexander for a brightly illustrated romp through one little boy's town as he mischievously chucks tomatoes and is followed by a swarm of bees. In spite of the funny, colorful tale it's really about feeling anger and other emotions, and figuring out where to put it. 

Ages: 4-8

Get your copy today. $12.75

You Are Never Alone

A STEAM-based picture book that teaches kids about global warming and and environmental distress in a gentle, positive way? Yes, please! Beautifully illustrated by Soyeon Kim, Elin Kelsey's You Are Never Alone encourages questions, discussion and empathy for the beautiful, natural word around us. From the healing power of plants to the life cycles of the ocean, it's poetic learning at its best. Highly recommended. Available Apr. 15. 

Ages: 4-8

Get a copy here. $12.89.

Guitar Genius

Chronicle Books

Kim Tomsic's Guitar Genius: How Les Paul Engineered the Solid-Body Electric Guitar and Rocked the World, illustrated by Brett Heiquist gives a detailed account of how Les Paul became the father of the modern electric guitar. Kids will appreciate the inventiveness of Paul even as a child, and parents will appreciate the historical significance of this great inventor. 

Ages: 5-8

Get a copy here. $17.99

Georgia’s Terrific, Colorific Experiment

Meet Georgia. She’s a budding scientist in a family of artists, and they all have an idea of how she can conduct her experiments. At first, Georgia doesn’t want their “silly imaginative ideas,” but after an afternoon spent trying to discover something new (and failing to re-create things that have already been proven as true), she realizes that sometimes, in order to be a scientist, you must think creatively. Accompanied by gorgeous illustrations by author Zoe Persico, this book is a perfect fit for any spunky kid who’s creatively curious.

Ages: 5-8

Buy it at, $12.32.

Bikes for Sale

Carter Higgins' Bikes for Sale tells the story of two busy bike-riders whose accidental collision sets them up for a big success. It's not just about bikes, it's about friendship. "They were new once. And then, they weren't." Brightly illustrated by Zachariah OHora. 

Ages: 5-8

Buy your copy here. $12.14

Extraordinary Birds

This debut novel from fifth-grade teacher and award-winning poet Sandy Stark-McGinnis tells the story of an eleven-year-old foster girl named December who is placed in a home with a woman who cares for injured birds. The story of heartbreak, hope and an unlikely home is one parents will love reading with the kids, too. Available Apr. 30.

Ages: 8-12

Preorder it here, $11.72

Explorer Academy: The Falcon’s Feather

The second in a new series: The Falcon’s Feather follows three pre-teens: Cruz, Sailor and Emmett, as they set off on their first around-the-world adventure in hopes of discovering more about the important puzzle that 12-year-old Cruz’s mother left for him. Follow the kids as they set sail for Iceland and Norway, explore the ocean via underwater dives and yes, end up with more of a mystery!

Ages: 8-12

Buy it at, $14.44.

The Inventors and the Lost Island

A.M. Morgan's new novel, a sequel to The Inventors at No 8, is part steampunk adventure, part royal drama and a whole lot of invention. George (the 3rd Lord of Devonshire) might be the unluckiest boy in London, and things aren't getting any better when his new next door neighbor turns out to be a nefarious foe. But thanks to Ada Byron, the future Countess of Lovelace, George manages to stay one step ahead. Available Apr. 2. 

Ages: 8-12

Find your copy here. $16.99

I Am Hermes

This graphic novel is filled with vivid illustrations that follow the mischievous Hermes: messenger of the Gods. Illustrated by Caldecott Medal-winner Mordicai Gerstein, read all about how Hermes steals his brother Apollo’s cows, tricks a turtle into giving up his shell and even gives humans common sense. A delightful way to introduce kids to Greek Mythology.

Ages 8-12

Grab a copy at, $12.91.

The Ghost Network, Book 1

Four friends from four very different ends of the world have something in common: they love computers, coding, hacking and gaming. John, Slack, Akane and Salome, all age 12, have something else in common, too: technically, they're all dead. When they discover that the Wolf's Den in Alaska isn't just a top-secret school for coders, but actually a dangerous project in disguise, the four ghostly pals must work together to save the living kids. Written by I. I Davidson. Available Apr. 16. 

Ages: 10-12

Preorder it here. $9.99 



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