The Best DIY School Supplies We Spotted on Pinterest

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photo: bubbabyte via Flickr

You know you’ve got to do the back-to-school shopping run to send your little scholars back to school in style (and be prepared), but how about throwing in a few DIY supplies to spice up what’s in their backpacks? From homemade lunch bags to squishy stress balls (that could be better than fidget spinners), here are some of the best DIY school supplies we found on Pinterest.

Make a Pencil Case out of a Candy Bag (and Instantly Make Your Kid the Most Popular Kid in His Class)

Make a Chalkboard Cover Notebook

Give Your Tot a Homemade Lunch Bag That’ll Stand out Above the Rest  

These Corner Bookmarks Are Too Cute!

Make a Cute “Stress Ball” That’ll Help Keep Your Kid’s Fingers Busy (and Isn’t a Fidget Spinner!)

Why Go With Plain Old Pencils When You Can Make These?

Make Some Funky Backpack Tags Using Shrinky Dinks 

Make A “Galaxy Oreo Eraser” That’s Way Cooler Than the Little Red Ones on Top of Pencils

Do you have any other ideas for DIY school supplies? Tell us in the comments below.