A (Baker’s) Dozen of Our Favorite Donut Shops

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In honor of National Donut Day on June 7, we’re totally ditching our pre-summer diet and serving up a pink box filled with a baker’s dozen of our favorite donut spots from across the country. And since sleeping in past 8:00am is merely something we hazily recall doing in our pre-kid days, now’s the best time as any to hit up your favorite donut shop and snag yourself an early morning batch, fresh-out-of-the-oven. Let us know in the comment section below where you go to score your guilty pleasure of doughy goodness.

<strong>Voodoo Doughnut, Portland, Or</strong> Portland's crown jewel of donut shops, Voodoo Doughnut boasts some of <a target="_blank" href="http://voodoodoughnut.com/&quot; target="_blank">the wackiest and wildest flavor combinations</a> you can get on fried dough. There is almost always a line outside this shop and for good reason--their offerings are delicious, fluffy, and reasonably priced. You can't go wrong with the Bacon Maple Bar, but just about every item on their menu has been perfected to yield the ultimate in doughy decadence. <strong>The Signature Sweet:</strong> Bacon Maple Barfuck

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–Scott Wardell

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