Can’t Get Your Kids to Eat When They Have a Cold? Here’s What to Feed Them

Encouraging your kids to fuel up and drink plenty of liquids when they are sick isn’t always easy, so it can help to stock up on some sick day staples to choose from when they’re not up for their usual favorites. These are the best foods for when you have a cold and just don’t feel like eating.

“When you have a cold, your body’s immune system releases chemicals that may make you tired and not feel like eating,” Amy Gorin, MS, RDN, owner of Amy Gorin Nutrition told Elite Daily. She added, “eating certain foods that are hydrating and full of immune-helping vitamins and minerals may help make you feel better.”

photo: Stephanie Harvey via Unsplash

When it comes to busting colds, nothing beats good old fashioned chicken soup. Besides the nutritional benefits, according to experts, chicken soup also acts as a sore throat soother and a decongestant, not to mention that soup can help with hydration. It’s a winning combo all around!

The other big winner to offer kids who are reluctant to eat are smoothies. Obviously as a liquid, smoothies are hydrating, but because they’re so easy to customize, they offer the perfect way to sneak in some needed nutrients as well. Vitamin C in the form of fruits, like mangoes, papaya and berries can help boost immunity. Yogurt is another easy addition that can boost the immune system as a natural probiotic.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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