13 Fabulous Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Adore

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We don’t deny it: a carefully crafted pasta necklace, an extra hour of sleep, and a house that stays clean (we can all dream!) are fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas. We also know the master matriarch might be craving something special, just for her. Whether she enjoys beautiful blooms, wants to flex her creative muscles, or loves really good chocolate, we’ve got a gift that will do the trick. Take a peek at the gallery below for 13 seriously awesome ways to say, “we love you, mom!”

Fresh Feeds

Ordering a subscription to Hello Fresh means you'll be able to give mom a hand in the kitchen without lifting a finger. There are three different delivery plans: Classic Box, Veggie Box, and the Family Box. We like the Family Box because pre-measured meals made with healthy ingredients, but light on spice (for picky palates), show up at your front door and, BAM! 30 minutes later, dinner is served. Opt to skip a week, or swap meals, made easy with the free app available on  iTunes and Google Play. Family dinner night just got a lot easier—something every mom can appreciate.

Available at hellofresh.com, starting at $79 for 2 meals serving 4 people.

What will you get mom this year? Share with us in a Comment below!

—Gabby Cullen

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