The Best Museum & Zoo Sleepovers in the U.S.

Thank the movie Night at the Museum for not only igniting your kid’s interest in historical artifacts, buildings and things of the past, but also opening up doors across the U.S. for after-hours fun. Wonder what you can do at these galleries when the lights out? Click through our flipbook to see the top 18 museums and zoos where you can stay the night and let your curious mind wander.

Dozin’ With the Dinos at the Field Museum – Chicago, Il

Here’s where mini Chicagoans get the chance to get up close to insects and ancient Egyptian culture. The Field Museum dims their lights for your family or groups of explorers from ages 6-12 to visit dinosaurs, play games and prowl with animals before story time. Read more about it here.

Ages: 6-12
Cost: $65/non-member, $60/member


photo: The Field Museum


 Have you gone on an overnight museum adventure we overlooked? Share in the Comments below!

— Annette Benedetti & Christal Yuen


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