The Best New Kids Books, March 2019

Spring forward into this exciting publishing season for children’s books! From worms to bears to the wisdom and poetry of Mr. Rogers, March is peak season for reading kids books! Scroll down for our favorites.

Pigs in a Blanket

Chronicle Books

You know you're in for a real treat when the fun of the book begins before even opening the first page. In this board book by Hans Wilhelm with illustrations by Erica Salcedo, kiddos open the "blanket" flaps of the book to discover three cozy pigs. As they turn the pages of Pigs in a Blanket, readers are greeted with fun rhymes as the three piggies start their day, embark on adventure and eventually go to sleep. With colorful illustrations, this book will help reinforce daily rituals like getting dressed for the day, playtime, brushing teeth and winding down back to bed.

Ages 0+

Available at


Baby Animals PlayTabs

Chronicle Books

Interactive reading goes next level with this new book written by Stephanie Babin and illustrated by Thierry Bedouet. Each spread features three pull tabs that showcase things that baby animals do. Pull up and down to see how the mommy dog feeds her baby pups milk or pull the tab left to right to see a baby calf eat grass and plants. 

Ages 0+

Available at for $9.51

Gloria Takes a Stand


This picture-book retelling of Gloria Steinem is as inspiring as it is enjoyable to read. The perfect, abbreviated biography written by Jessica M. Rinker is beautifully illustrated by Daria Peoples-Riley and offers kids a summary of the important events that shaped Steinem's childhood and lead her down the path of changing women's rights, and changing the world. 

Ages: 4-8

Find it now, $12.75

I Can Only Draw Worms

Penguin Random House

This book is part counting books, part funny tale about worms. Written in the same vein as The Book with No Pictures, the simple but brightly colored illustrations follow the adventures of 10 worms, And, although author/illustrator Will Mabbitt claims he can only draw worms, you'll still feel like it was a story about so much more. On sale March, 19th 2019.

Ages: 3-5

Available for pre-order at Amazon, $13.69. 

Spend It!

Penguin Random House

A book about kids and finance that’s not a snooze? We’re all ears. The second of Cinders McLeod’s Moneybunny Books, Spend It! Is an adorable way to introduce young children to the concept of spending money and what things cost. Your kids will listen to how Sonny the bunny gets three whole carrots for an allowance each week and wants to spend it all! With a little help from mom, he adds up costs and makes choices on how he wants to spend his carrots.

Ages: 3-5

Available at Amazon, $15.99.


Schwarz & Wade

Andrea Zuill (author illustrator of Wolf Camp) has done it again with this wonderful story about Sweety, the naked mole rat who is not like all the other naked mole rats. She's very unique, and is even called "a square peg." She's awkward, likes collecting fungi and is a passionate young mole rat—sometimes her peers look at her like she's another kind of creature altogether. But with the help of her cool Aunt Ruth, Sweety learns to be herself and that one day she will find her people. And they will want to do a secret handshake. A great story about acceptance, diversity and love of self. Available Mar. 26. 

Ages: 3-7

Preorder it here. $17.99

A Computer Called Katherine

Little Brown Library

African-Americans didn't have the same rights as others, and Katherine Johnson knew that was wrong. As wrong as 5+5=12. And in A Computer Called Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Helped Put America on the Moon Katherine fights for equality as she surpassed her classmates and went on to make history by helping NASA to put Americ'as first manned flight into space and the world's first trip to the moon. 

Award-winning author Suzanne Slade and illustrator Veronica Miller Jamison tell the story of a NASA "computer" in this delightfully written, richly illustrated book. 
Ages: 6-9
Buy it now on amazon, $14.85

The Happy Book

Penguin Random House

Camper and Clam are happy friends. They live in The Happy Book, and there’s nothing to get them down ... until Camper eats all of Clam’s cake. Follow the friends as they have a disagreement and travel through other "books": the sad book, the angry book and the scared book—each one designed to express all the feelings (ala Inside Out) kids experience. Camper and Clam will meet other characters, learn how to support one another and eventually make their way back to a safe space. A wonderful way to support emotional intelligence in kids, the cartoon illustrations and the strong ties of friendship make this a sweet read.

Ages: 3-7

Available at Amazon, $12.75

Let's Learn Japanese: First Words for Everyone

Chronicle Books

Aspiring Japanese speakers will love this thoughtfully-designed book by Aurora Cacciapuoti. Flip through to pair words and characters with fun illustrations. The book covers the three main Japanese writing systems: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

Ages 4+

Available at for $5.65

Ruby & Rufus Love the Water

This month brings a new addition to the beloved Gossie & Friends series by Olivier Dunrea. Ruby & Rufus Love the Water find the two playful goslings swimming everyday. They swim in the rain, they dive into the pond and they swim underwater. But what happens when they arrive at the pond and it's frozen? Any young reader who is enchanted by the Gossie & Friends series will immediately fall in love with this new book. 

Ages 4-7

Available on for $9.46

Little Joe Chickapig

The publishers tell us this book is for anyone ages 0 to 100 because it's about following your dreams—and nobody is ever too young or too old to do that! You may recognize the title character from the popular Chickapig board game, created by musicians Brian Calhoun and David Matthews. But for those who don't (and are wondering) a chickapig, is a half-pig, half-chicken and Brian Calhoun brings this Little Joe Chickapig to life with adorable illustrations by Calhoun and Pat Bradley. Little Joe Chickapig wants to explore the world, like his grandpa. He wants to leave the farm and sail the seas, visit castles and more. It turns out, he's not the only one. Mouse wants to be come an astronaut, dragon wants to join a band...the message is clear. Everyone has a dream, and you should follow yours! Available Mar. 10. 

Ages: 4-8

Available only at Target, $9.99

The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon

Random House

Everybody has bad days and can feel a little like a curmudgeon themselves. This adorable book by Matthew Burgess with beautiful illustrations by Fiona Woodcock will help kids laugh at themselves (and their siblings/besties) when they become curmudgeons themselves. For any kid or parent that's having a bit of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, this book is an instant pick me up. Great for siblings, too! Available Mar. 12. 

Ages: 4-8

Get it here, $12.99


Simon & Schuster

We don't often include books without words on our round-ups, but even our Managing Editor's avid reading 8-year-old had to agree: this book makes the cut. Created and illustrated by Christian Robinson, who illustrated Last Stop on Market Street and Gaston and Antoinette, pick this book up and you'll quickly be transported to Another world. In bright and beautiful pictures, you and the kids can ask yourself "what if you encountered another perspective, another world, another you?" With diverse characters and scenarios, this book is more interactive than many books chock full of words. It's obvious why Robinson won the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor for his art. Available Mar. 5.

Ages: 4-8 (we think younger and older, too)

Get your copy here, $12.75

My Brother Otto


This endearing little picture book is about love, acceptance and understanding that one sister, Piper the crow, has for her brother Otto. Otto is on the autism spectrum and this book is a beautifully-illustrated and thoughtfully-written way to teach children about differences and acceptance. Otto does some things and likes some of the same things his sister does. But he also does some things differently, and other kids don't always understand this. The author, Meg Raby, holds a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology with a certification in Autism Spectrum Disorders from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and has several years of experience working with children ages 2–17 on the autism spectrum.

Available Mar. 19, 2019

Ages: 3-5

Pre order here. $16.99

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

Chronicle Books

Tiny T. Rex is well, tiny. So, what will Tiny T. Rex do when his friend, Pointy needs cheering up and a hug? Follow along Tiny's adventure in this sweet book written by Jonathan Stutzman and illustrated by Jay Fleck.

Ages 3-5

Available on

Little Fox and the Missing Moon

The mystery-loving fox from Apples for Little Fox is back in this book by Ekaterina Trukhan. Follow along as Fox dreams the moon is missing, and he and his friends go on a quest to return it to the sky.

Ages 3-7

Available at


Zen Happiness

Love Jon J Muth's Zen book series? This new title, which is a companion book to the award-winning author and artist's popular series, features simple sayings and Muth's recognizable watercolor illustrations. The book puts Stillwater, the beloved bear from Zen Shorts, front and center to show your kids positive sayings that might just make you all find your zen. 

Ages: 5+

Available on for $6.94

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers

Quirk Books

From 1968 to 2001, Fred Rogers sang songs and taught valuable lessons of kindness and compassion to generations of kids. Now, you can hold those sentiments and lyrics in your own hand and heart with this collection with four-color illustrations by Luke Flowers. With topics like Caring; Curious; Imaginative and Reflective, the songs are written here for generations more to appreciate.

Available Mar. 19, 2019

Ages: 6-8

Order in advance here, $19.99 hardcover

The Bear, the Piano, the Dog, and the Fiddle

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Gorgeous illustrations by author-illustrator David Litchfield won't surprise anyone who is familiar with the bestselling The Bear and the Piano. This follow-up is just as delightful and an excellent discussion about the beauty of music and the power of friendship. Fiddle-playing Hector’s best friend is his dog, Hugo. When Hector decides to retire, Hugo secretly learns the fiddle himself and cajoles a certain famous piano-playing bear to join his animal band. But their fame comes quickly and Hector must overcome his jealousy at their success to be happy for his friend. Available Mar. 5. 

Ages: 4-7

Get it now, $12.75. 


Fox & Chicken: The Quiet Boat Ride

Chronicle Books

Fox and Chick are at it again in this second volume of the popular series. Created by Sergio Ruzzier, Fox & Chicken: The Quiet Boat Ride finds this dynamic, but contradictory duo off on more adventures as they take an early morning trip to see the sunrise. For early readers just tackling longer form chapter books, this book is a great one to add to their reading list. With its comic book form and sweet characters, this book will win over your kids and we can't wait to see what antics Fox and Chick are up to next. 

Ages 5-8

Available at

Lupin Leaps In

Andrews McMeel

This middle grade comic follow-up Georgia Dunn's Breaking Cat News will have your kiddos giggling and smiling while they read up on the adventures of cat reporters Lupin, Elvis and Puck. They're breaking headlines on subjects that really matter to cats, and kids who love cats. We also love the "More to Explore" section which shows kids how to draw the BCN crew, expressions, your own pet as reporters and more. Available Mar. 5. 

Ages: 6-12

Get it now, just $7.99 in paperback. 

Secret Agent Max & Jack Stalwart Book 3: The Fate of the Irish Treasure


The crime-solving brothers head to Ireland for the third in this exciting series of young reader chapter books. This time the beloved Book of Kells has gone missing from a library in Dublin and the boys must discover who has stolen this national treasure before he strikes again!

Available Mar. 12, 2019

Ages: 4-9
Preorder here, $5,99

Secret Agent Max & Jack Stalwart Book 4: The Race for Gold Rush Treasure


The brothers are out for another adventure, this time to the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, where an amazing discovery has been made: $10 million in rare coins that date back to the California Gold Rush. The brothers must protect the treasure, and that's a lot harder than it sounds, considering the treasure vanishes not long after they arrive. 

On sale March 12, 2019

Ages: 7-9

Preorder here, $5.99 

—Amber Guetebier, Gabby Cullen & Erin Lem

featured image: i410hlr via Pixabay


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