ACME Party Box Company: Earth Friendly Birthdays

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So you’re throwin’ a party and want earth friendly birthday ideas because you’re concerned about how much gets thrown away. For that big bash with a small enviro footprint, check out the ACME Party Box Company.

Lisa Fulker and Cathy Keyani have made it their mission to furnish party supplies that are high quality, easy to set up, and most importantly, earth-friendly. The idea is to have a fun time where the guests leave feeling good instead of leaving heaps of trash that came from non-recyclable party supplies. The company motto is “Party, Rinse, Repeat”, and that means washable, 100% cotton linens, invitations printed on recycled stock using soy ink and compostable tableware.

Available online, ACME Party Box Company has imaginative party starter boxes featuring Circus, Woodland, and Kingdom themes. Starter boxes provide everything you need for a gorgeous table including napkins, bunting, reversible runners and even an heirloom wooden centerpiece made from sustainable hardwood trees.  These standard and custom accessories allow you to get your party off to a great start and a green finish with nary a plastic figurine or cup to be seen!  The accompanying party favors are definite keepers with plush finger puppets, twig pencils, and seed filled tins for guests to plant in their home garden. A Party Box party keeps on giving, long after the last piece of cake is served.

—Lisa Bolger