6 photos to capture for Valentine’s Day

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than capturing the amazing love you feel for your family? Here are 6 #TinybeansMoments to inspire you to make the most out of this lovely day.

1. Order matching V-Day shirts

Double the love! This is a great opportunity to capture the sibling bond. Bonus: grab a matching shirt for you and your partner for a whole family photo shoot!

2. Just mama and me

Whether you’ve got only a newborn or a full house, grab your child(ren) for a photo op with mom. Give your partner a turn next!

3. Show off those crafting skills

If you made any of our Valentine’s Day crafts, feature your creations in a photo shoot with baby!

4. I heart this outfit

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like an explosion of hearts. Dress your little one in their best heart-y outfit and strike a pose.

5. My little love

Time for your close up! Lay baby down on a white sheet or plain surface and capture them perfectly in this moment. Insert all the heart-eyes emojis!

6. Grab their favorites!

Does your little one just LOVE a special teddy bear or toy? Take a photo featuring this little favorite so you two can reminisce when he or she gets older.

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