7 Valentine’s Day crafts to spread the love

It’s time to break out the pink glitter, chocolate, and spread the love. We believe one of the best ways to show your love is to spend quality time with family and friends. Here are 7 kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts that will express your love and gratitude for one another while creating memories to last a lifetime.

1. DIY conversation heart garland


Conversation hearts are one of those candies where you love it or totally hate it. But DIY conversation heart garland? This is one craft where you can’t go wrong. Encourage your children to write the silliest messages on each heart for bonus laughs.

Credit: Tell Love and Party

2. Tic-tac-SNACK!

Valentines day craft

Honestly, we love the 2-for-1 special when you find an activity that is both craft AND a snack. We get it, which is why we love these tic-tac-toe snack crafts featuring only 3 ingredients.

Credit: Sippycup Mom

3. Thumbprint heart mason jars


Need a perfect handmade gift for the grandparents? They will adore this fingerprint mason jar! These are so cute you may want to make extra to add a little love around your own house.

Credit: It All Started With Paint

4. Bedazzled picture frame

Jewel Valentine

Time to print some of your favorite photos off your Tinybeans album! Jeweled frames are not only easy to make, but allow your little ones to use their creativity. This is the perfect gift for a special aunt or uncle.

Credit: Design Improvised

5. L-O-V-E canvas

Love canvas

You know what they say – all you need is love. Break out the paint and make a LOVE canvas with your little one! This mess-free masterpiece is sure to brighten up any room with a little bit of joy.

Credit: Farm Wife Crafts

6. Handprint roses


Let’s be honest: Valentine’s Day roses are expensive. The good news? These handprint “roses” come straight from the heart AND they will last more than 3 days.

Credit: Nanny She Can Do

7. Footprint hearts


If you’ve got a new baby in the house, these footprint hearts are the DIY valentine while also capturing their cute, tiny feet. Can you think of a better valentine?

Credit: You And Kids

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