The best baby & toddler products for 2017


This was our second year at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and we certainly made the most of our 3 days in Sin City!

We got to sip Moscow Mules with some of our favorites whilst trawling the vast expanse of the show for the latest must-have baby and toddler products.

It was hard to narrow the field, but without further ado here are the products we think you’ll love as much as we do.

Must-Have Gear

AQUAHEAT™ bottle warmer by Innobaby


Finally!  Innobaby has brought us a cutting edge solution to an age old problem: how to warm baby bottles on the go. The warmer is activated by adding a small amount of water to biodegradable heat packs. Your tinybean’s bottle is heated within two minutes without batteries or electricity. Pretty amazing, right? We especially love how the Aquaheat combines two of our favorite things in a baby product: convenience and safety. The stainless steel bottles are bpa, phthalate, and PVC free. The kit (which includes 8 one time use heat packs) runs for about $45.

Moba Moses Basket


We can’t say enough about these adorable, modern moses baskets from Moba. The simple eco-friendly design promotes visibility, air flow and appears to be quite easy to clean. Each portable basket comes with a hypo-allergic mattress as well as a lightweight cotton liner to complement the ventilated sides of the basket. With 9 stylish colors to choose from, the basket retails for $180.

SmartGear Diaper Bag by Baby K’tan

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.47.53 pm

If you’ve ever mistakenly left a banana in the bottom of your diaper bag (and suffered the resulting horror of a mess!) you’ll understand why the built-in antimicrobial pockets here are absolute genius. With a total of 12 separate compartments to keep everything in its place, and a simple contemporary design, this bag is a great choice for parents. At just $59.95 , it’s an affordable solution for everyday travels.

Onya Baby Outback Carrier

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.53.23 pm

We’re loving this soft structured carrier for family adventures. The ergonomic design and soft leg padding makes it appropriate for carrying small babies or bigger toddlers. Yet it’s light weight and compact enough to fold up neatly into your diaper bag or suitcase. The coolest feature? The hidden chair harness quickly transforms grown up chairs into a tinybean-safe seat.  For families looking to have a versatile all around carrier that can work equally well on nature hikes as in the city, this is a solid choice at $139.

Doona Car Seat by SimpleParenting


Calling the Doona just a ‘car seat’ hardly seems fair. This very unique piece of baby gear has integrated wheels, meaning it can easily convert from car seat to stroller. It’s a complete travel system in one! What parent wouldn’t be excited about less gear taking up less space? We’re kind of blown away by this ingenious streamlined solution. You can find the Doona at select retailers for about $500.

City Tour Stroller by Baby Jogger

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 2.55.52 pm

We’re big fans of the Baby Jogger stroller line and this new compact addition is no exception. While the City Tour is not designed for jogging, it looks just right for families on the move. The light weight (just 14 lbs!) stroller can be folded down with one hand and stored in the included backpack style carrying bag.  It has all the typical features you’d want in a daily stroller – reclining seat, peekaboo sun canopy and 5 point harness, yet it’s small enough to fit in the overheard compartment of a plane. Pretty cool! This one’s on the market for about $199.

CoziGo Sleep Easy Cover


This light weight, breathable sun and sleep cover attaches to airline bassinets AND strollers to block out almost all light and movement. The dome shape pop up cover also protects against harsh UV rays with UVP 50+, making it a great purchase for families that like to travel. You can pre-order one from the next batch for about $99, but we all know that having a well-rested baby while traveling is priceless.

Newborn Necessities

Zen Swaddle by Nested Bean


Swaddling is a tired parent’s secret weapon and these blankets manage to make the baby calming technique even more effective with their innovative design. The lightly weighted chest pad actually mimics the weight of a parent’s comforting hand, ideally allowing for a more restful night’s sleep. We especially love their incredible softness and the sweet gender neutral penguin design. You can grab the swaddle for under $30.

Lalabu Simple Babywearing 

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 11.44.21 am

These innovative shirts allow both moms and dads to enjoy the benefits of baby wearing without the intimidation factor that comes with figuring out multiple straps or complicated tying techniques. Parents can bond with baby and enjoy all that snuggly closeness just by popping them in the easy to use pouch. How simple is that!? The women’s tank (complete with built in nursing bra) and the Dad shirt each go for about $75.

FeverFrida the iThermonitor

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.25.57 pm

We’re all about maximizing sleep without sacrificing peace of mind. This smart thermometer allows parents to monitor sick tinybeans throughout the night without needing to wake them. The low energy, wearable Bluetooth device can be placed under baby’s arm for continuous monitoring so that parents can get some sleep too. Receive alerts to your smart phone if your child’s temperature rises over a preset temperature as well as reminders when the next dose of medicine is due. The Fever Frida sells for about $70.

Toddler Picks

Tegu On the Go Sets


These Tegu magnetic blocks are pretty much everything we look for in a good travel toy. The compact pocket pouches are perfect for tossing in your diaper, travel or restaurant survival bag. They’re great to look at, sure, but they’re not just a pretty face. These heirloom quality toys are designed for open ended play, encouraging creative thinking and problem solving. That means they’re far less likely to lose their appeal after a few road trips.  They’re also compatible with other Tegu sets. You can find them on Amazon for about $25.

Tiny Love Musical Stack & Ball Game

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.35.17 pm

When it comes to toys, we’re all about finding the ones that keep our kiddos occupied, stimulate their development and grow with them as they age. This cute game comes through in all three areas. Babies as young as 6 months old will get a kick out of exploring the rattling balls, while older babies and toddlers can work on their fine motor skills with two different options for play. We’ve yet to meet a tinybean who wouldn’t be entertained by the dropping/reappearing game. Kiddos can repeat, repeat, repeat for about $30.

Big Kid Beds from Incy Interiors


If your tinybean is transitioning away from the crib and you’re stuck trying to decide between a low sitting toddler bed and a longer lasting twin, these designer beds from Incy offer the perfect solution. With two adjustable mattress heights, you can keep your kiddo closer to the ground to start (the low setting is just 12” off the floor) and then go higher when they’re ready. The beautiful beds run from $549 and up. 

Lil Sidekick

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.38.30 pm

This amazingly adaptable toy and utensil ‘leash’ is the perfect sanity saver, so it’s no surprise it was invented by a mom. The brilliant little strip secures just about anything to your tinybean’s seat, saving parents from a million rounds of the ‘drop game.’  We’re no germaphobes, but the idea of keeping everything from crayons to sippy cups off of dirty floors and within baby’s reach is VERY appealing.  They retail for about $10-15, depending where you go.

The Brushies

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.40.36 pm

The Brushies are the first finger puppet toothbrushes (made from food safe silicone) and come with an adorable board book to help give them plenty of personality.  We love the idea of turning teeth cleaning battles around so that kids actually look forward to washing up. Have two doctor moms just ended tooth brushing struggles for good? They’ve managed to reimagine this daily ritual completely and have turned it into something fun. We kind of want to hug them for it. They retail for $29.95

Great for Grandparents


DSC_9030_v2-uai-2880x4314 2

This tinybean walking aid is completely unique. Without harnesses or straps, the U-shaped foam ‘handle’ allows caregivers to support baby’s emerging walking skills without having to bend down into that painful side-stooping position. Babies can grasp onto the Tot2Walk, in the same way that they would your finger, allowing them to strengthen their leg muscles as they practice their walking skills. A great item to have on hand for Grandparents or anyone with back pain. Retails for $29.95.

Alilo’s Ears and Knows Bunnies


These sweet bunnies aren’t just nightlights. They’re tinybean-friendly MP3 players in disguise! Not only do they come preloaded with over 20 songs and nursery rhymes, but they can also record music and stories in your own voice. How lovely would it be for grandparents to record bedtime books for their grandchildren to listen to at night? One of our users is raising her littles in a bilingual household and uses the bunnies to record audio books in her native language. Pretty brilliant if you ask us. The bunnies come in a variety of styles with different features; you can find and purchase the Sweet Bunny here. 

Coming Soon…

 3sixti2 high chairs by Cosatto

360_chopsticks_front_high_co_rgb 2

We’re absolutely swooning over the look and functionality of these swivelling high chairs. The stream lined seats rotate 360 degrees and can be adjusted to multiple heights and angles thanks to the smooth pedal lift feature. The sushi ‘chopsticks’ design has won our hearts, but Cosatto offers so many delightfully original patterns on their high chairs and strollers, that we couldn’t blame you if you had a hard time choosing a favorite. US launch date and pricing TBC.

3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag

Play Mat Bag - Folded - Whale

Talk about easiest clean up ever. When unfolded, this brilliant play mat has a lipped edge to help keep little tinybean toys within arm’s reach. When baby’s done playing, the toys can stay put. Simply fold it up to transition the play mat into a bag. As with all 3 Sprouts products, these play mat bags are adorned with ridiculously cute animal patterns. Available in stores later this month for $24.99.


webb_2048x2048 2

We can’t wait to get our hands on these new bottles from Swedish company, Herobility. The ‘next generation’ bottle features a mixing net and lid, promising no lumps or mess during mixing, as well as an anti-colic air vent. Plus, the innovative design includes a built-in storage compartment for formula or snacks. Available for pre-order now; worldwide shipping will be available on the Herobility site starting January 2017, for $11.99.

Nomi by Evomove


Danish company, Emomove, set out to create the ‘best high chair for children.’  The result? An all-in-one seat that can grow with your tinybean, from birth to the teenage years.  A fully customizable modern chair functions as the base, while separately sold accessories allow parents to seamlessly transition from baby seat, to high chair to big kid seat.  Expected availability for U.S. customers is February/March 2017. The Nomi Highchair including the Nomi Mini (approx. 6 months to 24 months) will run for about $299 while the Nomi Baby will be available for $169 for parents  who wish to start with the Nomi concept already from the newborn stage.

Marcus and Marcus Bath Time Collection

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 1.01.16 pm

This cheerful bath toy collection is specifically designed to combat the number one bath toy challenge: staying mold-free. Tinybeans can enjoy all the fun of a squirt toy while their parents can pull the toys apart for easy cleaning. Win, win. The BPA and phthalate free silicone can even be popped in the dishwasher. That’s our kind of bath toy! The collection will be available on Amazon for $7.99 beginning in December of this year.



This ingenious bath tub divider allows parents to section off a smaller area of the bathtub for their tinybean. Not only could this make it more comfortable for little ones, but that means less time to fill the tub and less water waste as well.  The BabyDam will retail for $39.99 and has an ETA of mid-December.

Doddle Pop


Doddle & Co has reimagined the standard binky and the result is rather genius. The ‘clean pacifier’ pops back into itself, to help keep the nipple sanitary for baby every time it drops. The single piece construction is made from medical grade silicone, making it safe for newborns and up. Available for pre-order at $9.99 each with an ETA of January 2017.

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