Interview with a photographer: Angela Forker

Angela Forker is an Indiana-based photographer who strives to make a positive impact on the lives of parents, especially those with children with special needs. She started the Precious Baby Project as a way to ensure every parent has professional photos of their children – including those who may not be able to sit up for a photo session. We caught up with Angela to learn a little more about why she started and to hear her tips for parents looking to capture this precious stage of their child’s life.

Angela forker

Tell us about Precious Baby Project

In early 2018, I was inspired to create the Precious Baby Project after a time of reflection and prayer, with the motto “…because EVERY baby is PRECIOUS!” My scenes are perfect for babies with special needs, who cannot sit up for photos. Most photographers are at a loss in this situation, but I had the perfect answer: “paint” my floor scene out of fabric and lie the baby on their back. This baby that may never be able to sit, crawl or walk is able to run or fly or do anything!

Precious baby project

Parents who never had a professional portrait of their child get an amazing piece of art showing their child doing the impossible and inspiring them to believe the very best.

I hoped the project would help raise awareness for babies with special needs, while bringing hope and joy to these parents… and many others who would see their images online, at the YMCA or in clinics at the hospital.

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How’d you get started?

I officially started my business about 4 years ago. A couple of years ago, I created a scene for one of my clients. It was Little Red Riding Hood. Everyone loved it. But most of all… I loved it! I wanted to do it again… and again… and again!

I made a few changes, making them more refined and professional looking and decided to call them Baby ImaginArt. I was hooked, my clients were hooked and soon I had hundreds of photographers also following me because of these scenes.

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How many newborns have you photographed?

I would guess that I’ve photographed about 150 newborns so far.

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Where do you pull your creative inspiration from?

When I first started coming up with these scenes, I drew inspiration from other people. But then clients started requesting scenes about favorites stories, hobbies or their occupation, inspiring me to come up with new ideas. Now I love the challenge of coming up with something new and fresh. I search for real life examples of what I’m trying to create, as well as cartoon versions—which I tend to be able to replicate a bit better with fabric!

All of this helped prepare me for the challenges of creating scenes for babies with special needs. If baby needs medical equipment, I try to feature it in the scene, rather than hiding it. This may mean baby’s helmet becomes an astronaut’s helmet and his trach becomes his oxygen supply from his spaceship! I also try to add a lot of symbolism to my scenes, as in the baby who is floating away with balloons that spell out HOPE. I came up with that scene from the saying, “Hope is in our genes.” The word hope is made out of jean material and the baby and his bear friends are all wearing jeans. My favorite part of the scene is a gene tree I created, using jean material and covering it with hearts.

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What has been your favorite moment while shooting?

Besides my grandchildren, I would say one of the most meaningful moments was being there for our friends who knew their baby would be passing away soon. I was able to capture some of their final moments with her and she passed away the next day. Those photos are like a treasure to them and I feel so honored to have been able to capture those last moments with her for them.

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What piece of advice do you have for parents who are looking for a newborn photographer?

If you’re wondering when to invest extra money for photography needs, your newborn session is the best time. There are lots of photographers out there who can take decent photographs of families, seniors and babies. Many friends with a camera may offer to take your newborn’s photos, but please consider your baby’s safety as well as their level of expertise.

Newborn photography is completely different than any other type of photography. I Shop around. Not so much for price, but for beautifully (and safely) posed newborns. That’s the photographer you want. It may cost more, but it will be worth every penny! Your baby will never be this small again. You want to get it right and have beautiful works of art that you will treasure for a lifetime!

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What is your absolute favorite image you’ve captured?

I have a lot of favorite photos. Almost every new Baby ImaginArt scene I create becomes my new favorite, BUT there is one that stands above them all. It is the the T-Rex scene with my grandson and granddaughter.

I was taking lots of photos of his new baby sister. Some of those photos were Baby ImaginArt scenes. He discovered that he could squeeze into those scenes himself. He said to me, “Nina, you need to do one of a T-Rex…and you need to do it with me!” I never thought I could make a T-Rex out of fabric, but I gave it a try and placed him and his baby sister into the scene. Between the realistic looking fabric T-Rex and the genuine expression on my grandson’s face, that photo ended up being simply amazing. It was the first time my work went around the world. And to this day, it is the largest canvas I have hanging in my home!

Precious Baby Project

What is one tip that will help parents take better photos of their children?

My tip is to take photos often of your children… and make them into prints! Too many photos on cell phones and computers get lost or corrupted. Don’t take any chances. You want your children to have photos of themselves in the future. Pick out the best and get them printed…today!

(Editor’s Note: you can print your Tinybeans photos on one of our new printed photo books!)

Precious Baby Project

How can people reach you or learn more about your work?

You can see more of my work at my website: .
You can also follow me on Facebook: Precious Baby: Newborn Photography by Angela Forker
My email address is:

5 ways to make Tinybeans photo books spectacular

In case you missed it: we launched brand new Tinybeans photo books! We think Tinybeans photo books are the easiest way to create keepsakes and gifts to share with the ones you love the most. We’re excited to offer more ways to customize your photo book to make it truly unique and treasured for generations to come. Here are 5 ways to make your photo books spectacular! Stay on the look out for future tips and ideas.

Order your photo books now

1. Include a dedicated page in the beginning

What better way to take personalization to the next level than by including a dedicated page? Whether it’s a dedication to grandma or for your little one to read when they are older, we think this is a great way to add a personal touch that will be treasured for generations.

Tinybeans photo books dedication page

2. Create a photo-a-day book

Photo-a-day books are a great way to showcase the individual months or seasons with a baby. We’re a big fan of setting one photo on each page with a small caption to allow the images to tell the story.

Tinybeans photo a day

3. Create a yearly snapshot including every month

Choosing the calendar option on the page makes it easy to have a book with the year in review. These also make perfect gifts! We recommend selecting the calendar option on one page and your favorite image of the month on the following pages.


Yearly snapshot photo books

4. Include your child’s artwork

Take a photo of your child’s artwork and add it to your Tinybeans album. Sprinkle these photos throughout your photo book to tell the whole story about this chapter of your little one’s life. Plus, it will be fun to look back on when they are older!

Tinybeans photo book

5. Use captions to tell a story

Dig deep into your inner children’s author and let the creativity flow! Use a photo book to tell the full story about a recent family vacation, life with the grandparents, or the adventure of parenthood through our captions and text pages.


Happy Halloween from Tinybeans!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Tinybeans! We hope this day is filled with fun family memories, silly costumes, and lots and lots of candy. We loved scrolling through the #TinybeansMoment hashtag to see your family’s costume creativity. Here are some of our favorites… Don’t forget to post yours with the hashtag #TinybeansMoment!

1. Baby Astronaut
Halloween baby
Credit: @landfordmd

2. Baby Jack-O-Lantern
Credit: @insta.megz

3.Tiny Moana, Lion, and Referee
Credit: @alimobo

4. A Garden, baby flower, and a bee
Credit: @tches13

5. Tiny spider
Credit: @ccvma

6. Baby Shark (doo doo doo…)
Credit: @kieraslye

7. Another Baby Shark (because it’s cute, come on)
43738441_2135787193351218_1810864145250720634_n (1)
Credit: @jeneaeng

8. Baby Llama
Credit: @jeneaeng

9. Little Wonder Woman
43985841_116214735944977_4637255875764188296_n (1)
Credit: @just_a_mama_and_her_oils

10. Peter Pan
Credit: @hlebda

Printable photo props

Looking to spice up your baby photos with minimal effort? We’ve created super fun printable photo props that will bring a smile to the whole family. After all, nothing adds extra pizazz quite like a pirate hat or a funny mustache.

Use these props during a quick DIY photoshoot with baby for some fun and silly memories. No assembly or shopping required – just print, cut out, and say cheese! Yep, we just saved you a trip to the craft store.

Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram (@tinybeanskids) and use the hashtag #TinybeansMoment for a chance to be featured on our page!

Click on your favorites below, click again, and select “Print” on your browser!

Pirate HatCowboy hatFacial featuresSun hatBlue hatShout it outShout it out part 2Blue hatBeretTop hatYellow hatBlack hat

Interview with a Birth Photographer: Elise Hurst

One of the biggest trends we are seeing in 2018 is birth photography. Parents all over the world are hiring professional photographers to capture the precious moments during childbirth. A birth photographer can document the entire process so you can focus on the important tasks at hand. Most birth photographers can even shoot in any setting, including hospital, home, and cesarean births. We sat down with Elise Hurst of Elise Hurst Photography to learn more about birth photography and how you can prepare when booking a photographer.

Elise Hurst Photography

Tell us a little about yourself.
I have 3 children. I have a 4-year-old, 2.5-year-old, and a 3 month old, so I’m still in the beginning mom stages of life. My husband is a pastor. During the day, I mainly stay home with my kids. However, 3-5 times a month, I photograph women while they are in labor and having the biggest day of the life by bringing their little one into the world.

What got you into birth photography?
I would love to be a midwife someday but I wanted to be a part of the birth process right away. I started after my second son and I knew that with a newborn, I couldn’t go back to school right away so I decided to do birth photography so I could still be a part of the  process. Plus, birth photography is one of the only ways you can be in the room without a certification so it’s a good lesson. However, let me tell you… I broke all the rules. I bought a nice camera and a week later I photographed by first birth. It was an amazing experience. A few of my friends were pregnant so I asked if I could photograph their births. It became a business after that.

How many births have you photographed (estimate)?
About 45

What has been your favorite moment that you’ve had while shooting?
One that gave me adrenaline was about a month before my sister-in-law gave birth. She contacted me and wanted me to shoot. However, I live in Texas and she lived in Denver, so she was about 7 hours away. I offered to help her find a local photographer as it might be too tricky for me to get there in time. She insisted I do it, so I said I would try, but you never know. When the day came and she said she thought she was in labor, I started to look for flights to Denver. Sadly, 2 flights were overbooked so I thought there was no way I would get on. The next available flight was the following morning but there is no way I could wait that long. I decided to take the flight anyway but as I was headed to the airport, it really set in that I would not be making it. I told my husband I would just drive there – at was 6 PM already (keep in mind that I was 28 weeks pregnant myself). I get in my car and I drive. I get there at 1 AM and my brother texted me saying she was 9.5cm dilated when I pulled into the parking lot. I walked into the office and she starts pushing. It actually took her awhile to push but it was just so down to the wire. She finally had my nephew at around 4:30 AM. Even though I traveled quite a bit, it was so sweet to watch my brother become a father and for him to get a taste of what I do for a living.

Elise Hurst Photography

What is the hardest thing about shooting births?
Birth doesn’t play out how we think it does. Demise is definitely the hardest part – whenever moms lose their babies, its heartbreaking. The 2nd hardest is the time management – I get calls in the middle of the night even though I have 3 month old. My husband helps me balance everything. His amazing support is everything. I have a special ringtone when moms call and he’s very encouraging when he hears it. He has a flexible job so if he has to come home early, he can. We also work with a college group that help babysit if I need them. We’ve had them sleep with my newborn at the hospital while I’m busy shooting.

Why do you feel birth photography in important?
It’s just like your wedding day – it’s a huge, informative day in your life. I feel like it should be documented and so often it isn’t. Although you have some memories, it’s hard to remember some of the details. Most of the time when you don’t have a birth photographer, your partner is clicking away and is never actually in the photos. You get the pictures but you don’t get the whole moment. The pictures that are my favorite are the partner supporting the mom in labor – you can see it in their eyes how much they admire and adore the mom in this moment. You just don’t get that same moment when the partner is taking the pictures.

What are some things pregnant mothers should know before booking a birth photographer?
Birth photography is not cheap. I know that sounds silly but it’s not like a mini-session, it could be a marathon. You’re asking us to step away from families and holidays to go and photograph your birth. We’re on call for 5 weeks (usually from week 37 to delivery)… you just never know when it’s going to happen. Even with scheduled c-sections, I’ve had people deliver early. Just like a wedding photographer, these are important moments you can’t redo, so to have a professional to do this, it is important. We are on call emotionally and physically for you. It’s 100% worth it. If money might be an issue, contact your photographer as soon as you are pregnant so you can pay it off. Also, interview your photographer. You don’t want someone you don’t mesh well with.

How can moms or the families help make your job easier on the day of delivery?
I’m documenting everything during delivery. I’d recommend that people should put the phone down and enjoy the moment so I can document everything. I know you want that picture to send to relatives, but wait an extra hour to take the picture, you’ll be in the pictures yourself and you’ll be there in the moment. I will take many pictures and send them to you before I leave the hospital.

Elise Hurst Photography

What does your typical day look like when mom is about to give birth?
It always starts off by thinking who is going to take care of my kids. :) Once I get my bags packed, camera charged, snacks ready to go, and a change of clothes by the door, I get the ball rolling. My babysitter’s on call so they will come over. For hospital birth, the mom gets checked in and I’ll come when they are 6-7 cm but it depends on their history and how fast they are progressing. I’ll listen to the phone and if they cant talk through it, I’ll listen to my gut and head over there. For home births, I just go sooner since they aren’t being checked. I’ll show up when the midwife comes in.

If I am doing videos and pictures, I take pictures outside and introduce myself in the room or I step out. This all varies depending on how much support the mom has. If she has a lot of support from partner or doula, I’ll be a fly on the wall. If she doesn’t have a doula, I’ll be a little more encouraging. I’ve had moms say they prefer someone who is encouraging and talks her through it, but i’ve had moms who come in and not say a single word – all are okay. I stay about 2 hours after the birth or however long it takes for moms to have her skin-to-skin and first latch. We also wait until they weigh the baby after the first feed. I stay after the newborn assessment has been done and when the partner has had a chance to hold the baby.

If someone doesn’t have a birth photographer in their area but wants to DIY it, what pieces of advice would you give to those who want to have nice photos during delivery?
If you can’t afford it, i would suggest having a better camera than just your phone. Pass it off to a bring and stand at your head so they cant pictures of mom and belly but not everything.

Are there any must-have angles or photos a mom should have during delivery or pictures that you try to capture (dad’s first look, mom’s first look, etc)?
I love doing aerial shots and have a birds eye view of mom usually in labor. I usually do it when baby is on her chest and I almost get it every single time.

If you’re interested in following Elise’s work, make sure to like to her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also check out her website for more information.

How to Capture the Tiny Details: Erin Loechner

Taking baby photos can be hard. Figuring out creative ways to capture your baby at this precious stage is even harder. While we love a good photo of a baby’s smile with those chubby cheeks, we also believe the little moments are worth celebrating too. Whether it’s your baby’s tiny grasp on their soft blanket or how their hair looks after an afternoon nap, it’s important to capture these details while you still can.

When searching for inspiration, we came across Erin Loechner. Erin is an author and founder of Design for Mankind. She also takes incredible photos of her children. Erin breaks away from the traditional “smile and say cheese” pose with her children – she strives to capture the tiny details that won’t be so tiny in months (and years!) from now.


Erin’s aesthetic got us thinking about how we can truly enjoy this stage in our little’s one life. We’ve compiled a list of the tiny details we think you should capture the next time you break out your camera. For more inspiration, visit Erin on Instagram!

1. Their chubby fingers

2. Your child’s favorite snack

3. Holding their favorite stuffed animal

4. Playtime with family19120627_308568219596776_806540677176360960_n

5. Kisses

6. Messy hair

7. Tiny drawings

10 Baby Photo Ideas to Try From This Creative Mama

This blogger takes the most beautiful shots of everyday life with a baby.


Madelon is a mom of 3 who isn’t afraid to document the little details of parenthood on her Instagram, @madebylon.

Her Instagram page is full of adorable pictures of her children and life with family. After spending time scrolling through her feed, we became inspired by her creativity and aesthetic. Here are 10 photo ideas to try from her page.



1. Place props next to baby during nap time
Placing a prop near your sleepy baby adds a personal element to the shot. You can take this one step further by adding baby’s favorite blanket or toy which preserves the precious memory from this time in their life.

Stand over your baby

2. Stand over your baby and shoot from the top
This allows you to document your true point of view. There will come a time where you’re no longer looking down at them – you can appreciate this memory forever.

Natural light

3. Take advantage of the natural light
Place your baby in a room with large windows in order to capture the gorgeous light and shadow contrast.

Black and white

4. Take black and white pictures
It’s easy to get caught up in a world full of filters. We recommend resorting back to the classic black and white look. This allows you to focus on your baby in the shot and appreciate the simplicity.

Up close and personal
5. Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal

Does your baby have an adorable freckle or long lashes you envy? Take photos of their unique qualities by getting a close shot.

Tiny Details
6. Embrace the tiny details while they are still small
Unfortunately, those tiny baby toes and fingers won’t last forever. Take as many photos as you can of these small characteristics to look back on later.


7. Play around with using mirrors
Mirrors are a great way to get different angles in your pictures. Also, once baby is a little older, sit them in front of a mirror and capture what happens next

Simple moments

8. There is no such thing as a boring moment
Whether it’s baby napping, playing, or eating, each moment is worth celebrating.


9. Always be ready for the candid moments… they are the best!
We know parenthood isn’t picture-perfect, so if baby wants to play with paper towels or tries to eat the table, embrace it!


10. If all else fails, the selfie angle is always the way to go
We hope you never feel pressured to get every picture “right.” The memories you create don’t have to be magazine worthy. Go on, switch your camera to selfie mode. We believe selfies with baby are equally as compelling.

Don’t forget to upload your photos to your Tinybeans album!

Interview: Brittnie Storm – Newborn Photographer

Here at Tinybeans, we are always looking for ways to give you inspiration and tips for your baby photos. We caught up with one newborn photographer who produces some of the most creative and stunning work we’ve seen. Brittnie Storm is the artist behind Heaven Sent Photography. Here is her full interview, plus tips to help you find a photographer in your area!

Heaven Sent Photography

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Brittnie Storm with Heaven Sent Photography. My studio is located in Sheldon, Iowa. My husband Charles and I have two little girls aged 2 & 4. Merry Lou is 4 years old and Emmie Kay is 2 years old. Being a new mom totally fueled my fire with photography. As soon as my daughter was born, I couldn’t get enough photos! I picked up my brand new camera that my mother-in-law gifted me for Christmas and my business began to bloom from there. Outside of photography, I am a makeup junkie, a bookworm, and we love to soak up all the little moments we can with our children whether that be going to the park across the street, or out to Grandpa & Grandma’s farm to ride the side by side and play outdoors. Family time is the most important to us all! Our little ones are only little for so long.

2. How long have you been in photography? What’s in your camera bag?

I have been in photography for 3, going on 4 years now. I started really focusing on professional photography when my daughter Merry was 6 months old. My business took off from there to where I was at the point that I could successfully transition to a downtown studio in June of 2016.

First and foremost I feel like I should talk about my camera bag itself because I truly feel like anyone who is a photographer NEEDS a House of Flynn camera bag! The amount of detail they put into not only their bags but also giving back to the community is really amazing. I carry a full size Evermore and I can fit everything I possibly need inside! I primarily shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii. My go-to lens is the Canon 50mm 1.4 or the sigma 35 art 1.4 lens. There is nothing sharper on the market than the sigma art lenses, in my opinion. I also shoot with a Canon 135mm f 2.0 or a canon 85mm 1.8, but I only ever use those lenses outdoors. I’m a total prime girl so all the lenses I own are prime lenses.

3. Why did you go into newborn photography? What do you enjoy the most about it?

I really got into newborn photography because I was absolutely fascinated by it. After we had our own daughter’s newborn photos done, I was so in love and infatuated by all of the images all over Pinterest as well as the images that our our professional photographer had taken, that I just knew that photography was a creative outlet that I would truly enjoy. I researched newborn photography and took courses online, both free and paid, and I learned as much as physically possible before I even attempted to take on a real live newborn myself. Newborn photography is a daunting task and I truly did not understand how much work it was until I started researching it myself. Newborn photographers have a knack for making it look easy!


4. Where do you pull your creative inspiration from for your shoots?

I have joined a lot of photography groups on Facebook and that is where I draw my inspiration from. In these communities there are photographers from all over the world. It really helps me to be able to see what is on trend as well as draw some creativity from these other artists! Sometimes it can be as simple as loving the way they used a prop to loving their perspective they shot the photo. Other times it can be more complex as to what they used for their setup. I also have tons of ideas from just seeing different backdrops. A lot of times I will pull images from magazines such as Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. I find the littlest things to use for inspiration, it can be as simple as an outfit I find or a backdrop I am in love with.

5. What is your favorite professional photo you’ve taken and why?

My favorite image I have ever taken.. that is hard! There are always a select few that really stand out in my mind. There are so many different images that pull at different heart strings of mine. But this Pooh Bear image is probably right up at the top as one of my favorites. I melt when I catch a newborn smile and I was obsessed with Pooh as a kid. When Leo’s mom was pregnant with him, we were planning out his photo shoot and she mentioned that his entire nursery was decorated with all of her old Pooh Bear decor/toys that she had as a child. It meant so much to her to have a pooh bear image to be able to hang in his nursery. We never imagined we would catch a smile. But little Leo really brought this setup to life. His image is probably the one that sticks out in my head the most.


6. How should parents prepare for a newborn shoot?

I have found a tried and true method to really get a sleepy baby. This is the one thing that parents stress about and the most important thing that a parent can do is to NOT stress about it! Babies can tell when you are worrying, so do your best to stay relaxed and calm. I always plan a newborn session for 10:00 AM. I have found that this is typically the magic time for babies. I tell my parents to try their best to keep their baby awake for a couple hours before you come. I know that sounds like a daunting task, but it can make a world of difference for the session. Before you leave for the shoot, I ask my parents to give their little one a bath. This typically wakes the baby up, and it also makes for a clean and happy newborn!  After that, it is important to put a little bit of lotion on baby. It is super important for parents to put their baby in an outfit like a zipper or button up pajama onesie… something that DOES NOT pull over the head. I also tell parents to avoid mitts with elastic as these can startle baby when being taken off. After all that, a very full feeding and car ride to the studio usually does the trick. Your photographer will take it from there!

7. Do you have any advice for parents who want to shoot with twins or triplets?

My advice for shooting with twins and triplets is to go in with no expectations so you can be blown away! A seasoned photographer will know how to work quickly and take advantage of each baby that is sleepy. Twins and triplets will require the same preparation than a single baby would – the hard work lies with the photographer.


8. When should parents plan to schedule a newborn shoot?

I always tell parents to plan schedule their newborn shoot in the second trimester. The earlier the better because this allows for the photographer to really customize your session. A photographers schedules fill up very fast – I always encourage people to book as soon as they can to really ensure for availability.


9. Since not everyone can travel to work with you, what kind of things should new parents consider when choosing a photographer?

When choosing a photographer for your newborn photos, make sure you choose them for their style. Every photographer is different. It is so important for you to research and find the photographer who offers what you are looking for. If a photographer has a simple and clean style, then lots of colors and props would not be their specialty. The same goes for a photographer who has a rustic style, their specialty would also not be colorful and bright more than likely. So find the photographer whose work would best fit your style and fit the walls of your home. When choosing a photographer, consider what you are getting with your experience. Many people think that because they receive more time or more images with one photographer over another that they aren’t getting as much. This is simply not true. There are many photographers who focus on quality over quantity. Would you rather have 10 absolutely stunning, beautiful works of art, or 30 pretty decent images that you feel you could have taken yourself? Sometimes people are confused by time also. Just because you get more shooting time with a photographer, does not mean that you get more images. Many seasoned photographers can get through a photoshoot very quickly because they have a workflow and know how to work with their subject. Just because you only receive a 30 minute session, doesn’t mean you will have less photos than someone who receives a 2 hour session. It is truly all about finding the right photographer for your wants and needs! If you want a beautiful baby album and wall art for your home, find a photographer who specializes in a full service experience and will be with you every step of the way! If you are more of a DIYer and love to have the digitals to be able to print on your own time, find a photographer who offers the digitals images for you to purchase. But most importantly find a photographer who’s style you love and who’s work will fit flawlessly into your home.

11. We’ve had lots of people ask us how to take quality baby photos in their home with their phone. Do you have any expert tips/tricks to getting the best photos without a fancy camera or a studio?

Lighting is the most important factor with photography. Find a place in your home with beautiful natural light. Whether in front of a sliding door or a big window. Don’t position your subject in the direct sunlight, instead step back or to the side about 3-5 feet to where you are in the shadows or the light. Your light should be at a 45 degree angle. From there you could use an ottoman or a bean bag to position baby. It is important to have the room be very warm, your little baby is used to being inside a natural heater that is 98 degrees, they like a warm room temperature above 75 degrees. White noise or a heartbeat machine do wonders to drown out noise as well. And photographing your newborn under 14 days old is key. They haven’t adapted to the outside world yet at this point.

But honestly, leave it to the professionals. I promise it is worth the time and the investment. Your little baby is only going to be little for a short amount of time. They really do grow so fast and I talk to way too many parents that regret not having professional images taken of their little baby! It is crazy how fast they grow in that first month.


12. Do you know of any iphone/android apps that are great for picture taking or editing?

This I am not sure! I use adobe lightroom and photoshop to edit all of my photos, I know these apps are available for download/purchase through the app store and would be a great place to start!

13. Do you have any advice for those who want to make a DIY-style home studio to take photos of their baby?

If you still really want to attempt a DIY-style shoot in your own home, make sure the room is a balmy 75-80 degrees. Use blankets and clothespins to pull your blankets tight to avoid any wrinkles. Baskets and swaddled shots are much easier to attempt than trying to lay a naked baby on a blanket and pose them. Having warm blankets or a small heater going near your setup will keep baby sleepy. Use natural light but stay out of direct sunlight. And keep it simple! Don’t go overboard with props and pinterest ideas. The most timeless images are the ones that take the least amount of effort. You can find tons of newborn photography props, blankets, and clothes on etsy. But above all, if you aren’t comfortable photographing your newborn, don’t. We take safety very seriously when photographing newborns and children and many photos are actually composites (meaning they are 2-3 images stitched together to create 1 image). If the pose or image looks complicated and hard to accomplish, it probably is and we suggest you do not attempt it. Just keep your posing simple and don’t shoot up the nose of a newborn.


14. What is the best email that people can reach you?

My email is but people can easily reach me through my “contact me” tab on my website as well.

7 Tips to Capture Memories This Holiday Season

With the holidays approaching, we know how important it is to capture every precious moment with family and friends. This process can be overwhelming for many families, so we’re here to give you 7 of our favorite tips that will help you capture memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Don’t feel pressured to use fancy equipment

Smartphones are here for a reason! It’s totally okay to snap photos straight from your phone. If you do have a DSLR camera, spend some time practicing with it before the family comes over. Make sure all of your batteries are charged!

Moments worth capturing

2. Snap pictures first, ask questions later

Many people dread having their picture taken. We recommend you snap any pictures that you want without announcing it to your family. This will allow you to get authentic photos. Remember, you want to capture these moments to treasure for the rest of your life. Plus, some of the best photographs are taken when they are unplanned!

Mutli generation family

3. Try a new angle

We’re so used to taking pictures straight at eye level. Try switching up your perspective. When your baby is opening presents, get down on the floor and capture that moment from their eye level. You can also stand on a chair to get a top-down view of the entire family.

Holiday Tree

4. Appreciate the small stuff

The holidays aren’t just about family photos but also taking in the little things. Don’t be afraid to snap photos of your baby eating their first holiday meal, Grandma preparing the pies, or the dinner table you threw together in an hour (or 10 minutes, but who’s counting?). Make all of the memories count.

Mother with daughter making funny face.
5. Share the camera with others

We all have a different perspective and experience during the holidays. Hand the camera off to your aunt, sister, brother, or father. Allow them to capture what the holidays looks like to them. This will also give you time to take a breather and appreciate the experience in the moment.

Christmas Holidays in our cosy home

6. Get in front of the camera

Don’t forget to ask a family member to take photos of you and your baby. You’ll want to look back on this point in your life as well. Plus, how neat will it be to show your child in 20 years what you looked like?

Family memories from christmas eve

7. Upload your photos to your Tinybeans Album

This makes it easy for your family to look back and remember this precious time in the future.

Download the Tinybeans app and create memories to look back on, forever.


Tinybeans Ten with Kate Parker

Kate Parker 1 copy


When Kate Parker released a photo series featuring her 2 young daughters, it instantly caught our eye. At Tinybeans, we’re all about encouraging parents to capture their kids’ lives through photography, but these weren’t just any photos. These photos showed girls exactly the way we think they should be – fearless, confident, and powerful.

It makes us super excited to see campaigns like #LikeAGirl and Kate’s “Strong is the New Pretty”, and this is one bandwagon we are happy to jump on. We love the idea that it’s not about girls acting more like boys – it’s about girls acting exactly like the fierce and strong selves that they are inside and out.

Read on below to learn more about the photos and the inspiration behind them.

Tell us a bit about this project. How did start?

The project is a series of photographs showing my two young girls, as well as their friends, just as they are – loud, athletic, fearless, messy, joyous, frustrated. I wanted to celebrate these girls as they are, not how females are expected to be. I wanted to celebrate them, just as they are, and show them that is enough. Being pretty or perfect is not important. Being who they are is.

Initially, this project started as a desire to record my daughters and the memories of their childhood, as well as practice with my camera and different lighting situations, environments, times of day, etc.

What made you narrow down the focus of this project to spread this specific message?

After about a year or so, it organically grew into something different. The images changed. I started to see patterns and recognize that the images where the girls were authentically captured were the strongest images. The images that showed the girls as they genuinely are were my favorites. After seeing this, I started to shoot with that in mind.

What’s the one thing you want your girls, and any others who see these photos, to walk away with?

The project became about capturing my girls and their friends as they truly are and how that is OK. Not only OK, but worthy of celebration. There’s a lot of pressure for girls (and women) to look a certain way, act in a certain manner, and I wanted to let my daughters know that who they naturally are is enough.

Kate Parker 2 copy

And now for the Tinybeans Ten:

1. What are you reading?
Amy Poehler’s book, Lena Dunham’s book.

2. What are you watching?
Girls, Kroll Show, The Mindy Project, New Girl, Cesar 911 *with my girls, we have a bad puppy on our hands. :)

3. Favorite blog?
My Modern Metropolis

4. Favorite Instagram account?
NatGeo has some amazing images, David Spade’s cracks me up,

5. Best piece of parenting advice you’ve received?
Let them be who they are.

6. Best toy your children have ever owned?
According to both girls, “Buddy” who is our new puppy and a destructive force of nature camouflaged by a terrier mix shell.

7. Current guilty pleasure?
Zaxby’s and Diet Sunkist

8. Favorite place to hang out with your family?
The beach.  30A…my favorite place on earth.

9. Most useful piece of nursery equipment you’ve owned?
Hands down video monitor.

10. Last thing you bought online?
A 2TB hard drive and a camera sticker for my laptop.