The Busy Parents’ Guide to Making Healthy Choices

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Parents have a lot to juggle. Some days, it’s a miracle that everyone left the house wearing pants. (If you have a toddler, you know exactly what we mean!) Getting caught up in busy days and never-ending to-do lists sometimes means that healthy choices are put on the backburner. But making simple changes is easier and more fun than you think. Better yet, you’ll start to feel good… and have more energy for lugging that massive stroller and taking the family dog for a longer walk.


These tips can help make your whole family healthier:

Meal plan. Want an answer to the age old question, “What’s for dinner?” By spending a bit of time plotting out your meals for the week, shopping will be more efficient and you’ll make much healthier choices. Some days definitely call for a pizza delivery (so keep that in your back pocket!). But having a few meals mapped out—that make enough for leftovers—is a lifesaver. 


Try a meal delivery service. Many families rely on the ease of a meal delivery service to get dinner on the table. This a great option if you like to cook, but don’t want to spend as much time on the planning and shopping. Keep in mind: some recipes can be time consuming to pull together. 

Pack lunch. Bring a balanced lunch to the office. This is a huge money saver and a lot more nutritious than fast food spots. While you’re at it, pack snacks to keep you energized throughout the day (easy ideas: an apple and peanut butter, a bag of nuts, Greek yogurt with berries, hummus and veggies, or cheese and whole grain crackers). If you’re home during the day, do the exact same thing! 


Pay attention to your plate. According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s latest dietary guidelines, half of your plate should be fruits and vegetables (be sure to vary them!). Canada is on board with this plan, too. From salads to tasty roasted veggies, following this advice adds a big boost of nutrition to every meal. 


Be active. Whether you decompress at a yoga class or buckle your kiddo into the stroller for a run, make fitness a regular part of life. It can be hard to find the time when you have young kids, but it’s good for your mind and body. Make a plan to exercise a few times a week when you know it’s feasible (at the office gym, an online video during naptime, a favorite class on a weekend), And when your kids are old enough, get them involved too. Ask them to join you to walk the dog, climb a rock wall, or hit the trail for a local hike. 

Make healthy swaps. Pass on the butter and use healthy oils for cooking. Choose fish, poultry, and beans for protein, and limit red meat and processed meats. Make whole wheat pasta and brown rice instead of regular pasta or white rice. Use wheat bread for sandwiches rather than white bread. Drink water instead of soda or sugary juice drinks. These swaps benefit everyone in your family!   


Don’t forget your pets (yes, they count too!) Yep, your lovable pup does better work than the vacuum when your kiddo drops food on the floor. But it’s important to include your pet in your family’s approach to nutrition, too. The Farmer’s Dog delivers healthy, freshly made pet food right to your door. It’s made with human-grade ingredients that meet USDA standards (natural ingredients, higher safety standards, and no preservatives!). Go on their website to get your pup set up with a personalized, vet-developed plan and also check out easy DIY recipes to make your own pet food. Two big “paws up” for another way to simplify your life!

Have fruit where you can see it. You and your kids will be more inclined to grab a clementine or apple from a bowl on the counter, instead of digging in the cabinet for a cookie. 


Make your own baby food. Store-bought pouches and jars of baby food definitely come in handy. But it’s simple and less expensive to make your own. Whether you use a baby food maker or a steam basket on the stove, just prep the food, steam it, puree (or chop it), and serve. Tip: freeze big batches in ice cube trays so you always have plenty on hand. 

Do more with veggies. Let’s face it. Plain, steamed veggies are boring. And unfortunately for your chicken nugget-loving kids, ketchup isn’t a vegetable. Get your kids excited about trying new vegetables (if they’re old enough to go shopping with you, let them pick something out from the produce aisle). Whether you roast veggies with olive oil, salt, and pepper (so easy, and so good!) or you let your kids dip away with good-for-you spreads, new ways of serving will make it easier for them to say yes to the green stuff. You can also entice (okay fine, trick) your kids into eating veggies by baking them into muffins, blending into smoothies, and adding to sauces. 

As a Tinybeans member, enjoy 20% off your first 2 weeks of The Farmer’s Dog!

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Want a quicker and easier bedtime routine?

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Get your baby sleeping comfortably with Hatch Baby

You’ve given your little one a bath, put them down for the night with a story and they have (finally!) drifted off to sleep. Yes! Time for you to relax, throw something together for dinner and catch up on Netflix.

Sound too good to be true? Well then, listen up. In honor of National Sleep Comfort Month, we’ve pulled together everything you need to give your baby (and you!) a better night’s sleep. Creating a better sleep environment is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

2018-10-30_120128_HBlogo (1)

1. Light and sound are the 2 main culprits when it comes to sleep. It’s too dark with the blackout shades down, but too bright with them open and the moon is full. Too loud for baby when you have the tv on or the doorbell rings, but too quiet for you to tiptoe in without waking them. Nightlights have come a long way. We love Hatch Baby Rest. It combines nightlight and sound machine into one, allowing you to set custom light and sound themes you know your baby will fall asleep to. Bonus: you can adjust it all from your mobile phone.

4 copy

2. Make sure your baby is comfortable in their crib. It starts with cozy pajamas and a swaddle or blanket, depending on their age, to keep them snug and safe. The proper mattress firmness and height is also important. Be sure to check if your child’s mattress has one side for infant and one for toddler (many do!) and keep the mattress at the proper crib rail height for your child’s development. Once they are old enough, a favorite stuffed animal is the icing on the cake of comfy sleep. But beware, if you forget that furry friend, forget getting your evening started until it’s found. 

3. Get your climate control under control. Heat can feel toasty and is a total necessity in winter, but it can also make your little one’s throat, nose and skin dry. Make their nursery warm and more comfortable with a humidifier. And if their skin does get dry, be sure to lather them up with moisture rich lotion after the bath. In the warmer months before it gets too hot, use a fan (safely out of baby’s reach) to keep fresh air circulating. Fresh air is not only great for sleep, but a soft breeze can be calming and help lull your child to sleep.

Start becoming a creature of comfort (sleep) for your child. They’ll sleep better. You’ll get more rest as they sleep through household noises and, hopefully, sunrise! Learn more about Hatch Baby Rest.

Make storytime the best time of day (or night!)

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5 easy tips to transform your nursery into storytime central

Your little one might not know how to read, but it’s never too early for storytime. Reading from a very young age is not only important from a development perspective, but also fosters a connection between parent and child and a sense of belonging.

Turn the nursery or playroom into their favorite place to curl up with a book (and you!) with these storytime essentials.


1. Storytime should be quality time. Sure, you are busy, but when it’s time to read, give your child your undivided, uninterrupted (except maybe by them) attention. Leave the mobile phone on the counter, stop thinking about everything on your to-do list and connect with your child from cover to cover.


2. Board books with special features your child can touch, feel and see will keep them engaged. Sweet favorites made with love by Sandra Magsamen will offer you a quiet, slower time to sit and share a special moment. Twinkle, Twinkle You’re My Star, Peek-a-Boooo! and I Love Old MacDonald’s Farm are not only  fun, but a great way to share what’s already in your heart.


3. Get cozy! Your child loves to feel close, so when you are reading together, pick a spot where you can both snuggle up and get comfortable. The rocker in their nursery, a soft rug on the floor if they are a little older, or your lap, no matter how big they get! Hopefully they’ll get so cozy that they go to sleep.

4. Let your child be part of the story. Encourage them to point things out by asking your little one to show you something in the picture. You may be speaking to yourself at the beginning, but once they start to babble, you’ll be reading together! Until then, let them hold the book or turn the pages with you. Even the littlest fingers can be helping hands.


5. Moms and dads are great storytellers, but including special guest readers like grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles will be special for both you and your child. Relatives will feel honored and usually go above and beyond with special voices, funny sounds and extra snuggles. Your heart will melt as you see them interacting with your little one.

Ready to read? Check out some of our favorites from Sandra Magsamen. From Twinkle, Twinkle You’re My Star to Peek-a-Boooo! and I Love Old MacDonald’s Farm, she has something for every nursery.

Get outside and fall for fall!

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5 must-do autumn activities for families

It’s always sad to see summer go, but fall is one of our favorites. It’s not too hot, not too cold and comes with a ton of great reasons to get outdoors with kids. From apples and pumpkins to foliage hikes and hayrides, there is so much to enjoy. And, whether your little one isn’t yet a walker or is just too tired to go any further, babywearing is an easy way to experience nature with even the smallest family members.


1. Apple picking

Nothing screams the start of fall quite like apple picking. Find a local orchard and spend the day picking apples, drinking cider and eating doughnuts. Most farms have a packed schedule of fall activities for kids like face painting and live music. Keep the fun going at home with your little one and turn those apples into sauce, cobbler and pie!

2. Scenic hike

The natural colors of autumn can’t be beat. Get some fresh air (and some exercise) and admire the beauty of fall foliage on a family hike. Go to a local park or preserve with official trails or make your own by walking around your neighborhood. Let your little one collect leaves along the way and use them to talk about colors, shapes, etc.


3. Corn maze

This might take a while. Built for kids, but fun for grown-ups too, corn mazes offer fun at every turn even if it’s a dead end! It may take an hour or two or three depending on how well your family can follow the clues to make it to the finish. No matter how long it takes, they’ll remember it for years to come.

4. Tailgating

Fall means football and no game officially starts without a tailgate. Don’t be intimated to take your little one—game day food is super kid-friendly (hot dogs, french fries, etc) and most stadiums have loads of activities to keep fans big and small occupied. While tickets to your favorite team’s game are always a plus, they aren’t a must. Skip the traffic and tailgate at home!

5. Pumpkin patch

Haunted houses, hayrides and pumpkins, oh my! We all do it for a great photo opp, but a visit to the pumpkin patch is a great way to get your family in the mood for Halloween. Once you get home, make jack-o’-lanterns as a family. Drawing, scooping and (if they are old enough) cutting, all are great fine motor development.


Want to give one of these activities a try while babywearing? We love the LÍLLÉbaby Active Line—designed specifically for parents on the go. It combines the functionality of LÍLLÉbaby’s 6-in-1 design with adventure-ready features like a water-resistant shell and 7 convenient pockets.

Get a FREE LÍLLÉbaby water bottle with purchase of an Active Carrier using code ACTIVELIFE.*

*Offer ends October 31. While supplies last.

ABC Kids Expo 2018 Recap!

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This week, Grady, Jordan, Jennifer, and Jamie hopped on an airplane and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada for the ABC Kids Expo! This is a wonderful time to get a sneak peek at the latest products and give them a test drive. We’ve compiled some of our favorite products… check out our Top 12 below along with some honorable mentions.

1. Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Jordan: I was really excited to head to the Nanit booth. I’ve heard so much about this high tech baby monitor but I had to see it in action. My very first impression was how sleek and small the monitor itself is. It’s really crazy that something this small is able to provide so much valuable information and insight for parents. What I really love about this system is how easily it integrates with your phone. When I’ve talked to parents, I always hear about how they wish things were just simpler to use while providing the same piece of mind. I like how you can invite family members into the platform and how the video service doesn’t stop even if the internet goes down. This monitor is seriously so cool!

Retail price: $279
Buy here
Watch the review

2. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One

Jamie: If you’re looking for a carrier that’s easy to get on and comfortable, you have to check out the Baby Carrier One from Baby Bjorn. First off, the colors they offer are a gorgeous series of neutrals, which are always on trend. The mesh fabric just looks super breathable for both parent and baby. I really liked how easy it was to fit the straps on – even if you’re doing it by yourself, it’s incredibly manageable. Watch the video – it really only took a matter of seconds to get on!

Retail price: $189
Buy here
Watch the review

3. Doona car seat

Jamie: Okay, now this one is cool. I always hear parents talk about how bulky all of their baby products can be – you’ve got the trunk full with the stroller and you still have to deal with the carseat. With the Doona car seat, it’s a car seat that literally turns into a stroller – it an be used as a car seat, stroller, and infant seat. It’s a gorgeous design with safety in mind. It also comes with the base so you don’t have to purchase any extras. I appreciate how Doona created this with a lot of thought behind it, especially how the handles are adjustable so the older siblings can push as well. It’s suitable for children who weigh between 4-35 pounds. Plus, it honestly rolls better than my carry on luggage! Speaking of luggage, this car seat is also aircraft approved so you can just wheel it onto the plane and place it in the overhead bin. Nice!

Retail price: $499
Buy here
Watch the review

4. Owlet Smart Sock

Grady: Owlet is one of those companies that I’ve always heard just such good things about. It was so lovely to meet them in person and learn a little more about the Smart Sock, which tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. What I love the most about this product is the lit base. If your baby’s oxygen and heart rate levels are normal, it shines green. This is such an easy way to provide peace of mind because with just one quick glance, you’ll know baby is okay.

Retail price: $299
Buy here
Watch the review

5. Cloud B Sweet Dreamz On The Go Owl Sound Soother


Jamie: This is a must have if you’ve got a fussy baby on your hands. This sound soother has a nice variety of sounds, including mimicking mom’s heartbeat. I also love that it has an audio sensor that can detect when baby is making noise because it will automatically start making soothing sounds. MAGIC! Plus, it can be clipped onto the stroller or car seat – we love our on-the-go products and this is a must have!

Retail price: $17
Buy here
Learn more

6. Finn + Emma Macrame Play Gym


Jordan: Holy gorgeousness. This play gym not only serves a wonderful purpose for baby, but it’s also incredibly pretty – you won’t want to put this away when guests come over! I really love how Finn + Emma uses only the best organic materials. This play gym gives a total relaxed vibe and comes in three finishes so there is an option for everyone! You should definitely check out their entire macrame collection – it’s beautifully made.

Retail price: $99
Buy here
Learn more

7. Innobaby Spot Rainbow


Jennifer: These are adorable! The silicone is super soft and you can even wash it in the dishwasher. I love how this also helps children learn the colors in the rainbow. It’s just such an easy way to wash baby and give a gentle massage during bathtime. These also make the perfect baby shower gift!

Retail price: $24.99
Buy here
Learn more

8. Handcraft Potty Training Kit

Jennifer: This is a must have if you’re about to start your potty training journey! I love how Handcraft uses positive affirmation to help toddlers on this important step. This kit has everything you need, from a getting started book for the parents to an adorable stuffed hippo to help your toddler feel like they aren’t alone. Highly recommended! Plus, they started a website as a resource for parents who are going through the potty training stage, check it out at Potty Genius!

Retail price: $29.99
Buy here
Watch the review

9. Covered Goods 4-in-1 Cover

Grady: These covers are the perfect gift for the new parent in your life. I really love how you’re essentially getting 4 things in one – a trendy scarf, nursing cover, car seat cover, and grocery cart cover. Their latest buttery smooth fabric is so soft too – you won’t want to stop wearing it. The patterns are fun yet versatile and at this price point, feel free to stock up!

Retail price: $34.99
Buy here
Watch the review

10. Pediped shoes

Jordan: Pediped’s selections are such a great value for the price. I really loved how durable these shoes are even at the baby level! They’ve got a variety of shoes that feature all of our favorite trends – sparkles, animal print, two tone colors, and slippers.

Retail price: varies
Buy here
Watch the review

11. Go Sili products


Jamie: Silicone is definitely having a moment right now and I love the new Go Sili selections! They’re launching brand new marble pieces for mom which I’m pretty excited about. I also love their environment-friendly silicone straws – at $1.50 each, you can’t go wrong. I love how thoughtful they are in the designs and are perfect for parents on-the-go.

Retail price: varies
Buy here
Learn more

12. Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack


Jordan: I. Love. This. Backpack! Not only does it look good on the outside, but it’s going to hold EVERYTHING on the inside. It comes with 2 stroller clips (wow) and 17 pockets (double wow)! If you’re the kind of parent who thrives in organization, this is the backpack for you. I really love the rubber bottom – if you have to put your bag down in a public space, the rubber bottom allows you to open up the compartments without having everything spill out. I also appreciate the “parent pocket” – it’s a felt pocket right on the top where you can stash your sunglasses or keys with ease. Itzy Ritzy has some REALLY cute stuff – do check them out!

Retail price: $149
Buy here
Learn more

And a few other brands we loved…

Milk Street Baby


Jennifer: Milk Street is a relatively new brand but I think you all are going to love it. I was so impressed by the quality of their baby furniture – some of it was so cute that I wanted to put it on my apartment! Milk Street nails the tiny details that will make every nursery complete.

Little Unicorn


Grady: I always look forward to seeing Little Unicorn’s latest patterns. I really love how whimsical and creative they can be. For example, they are releasing a dinosaur themed swaddle collection that I think all Jurassic Park fans will appreciate. The material is super soft too and your little one will love being cozy in these.



Jamie: If you want a stroller that is on trend and makes you feel like a million bucks, Mima is the one to check out. I was blown away by the quality of a Mima stroller. Plus, they allow so many options for customization. I personally loved the blue denim color way but I know a few of you will love this gold/fur one as well!

Michaelson Entertainment


Jordan: If you’re a big sports family or know of one, you must check out the selections from Michaelson Entertainment. From “My First Team-Board-Book” to sports team themed ABC books, these are an easy way to prepare your little one to be your team’s #1 fan.

This guide contains affiliate links, which means we make a small commission when you click through and buy. This is one of the ways that Tinybeans supports its team and enables us to keep making awesome updates to our app and website.

Baby on a roll? We’ve got your back.

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A must-have monitor to know your baby is safe and sound(ly sleeping!)

top-img (2)

Your little one is hard at work gaining the strength and skills to roll over. And once he masters this major developmental milestone, he’ll want to do it all the time—even when he’s snoozing. This key gross motor skill is super exciting, but it can also make parents superanxious about safe sleep. While “back is best” when it comes to reducing the risk of SIDS, rolling babies have other ideas.

Rather than anxiously monitoring every breath (and roll!), let the Cocoon Cam baby monitor do it for you—no wearables required. This nursery essential has key features that’ll give you the peace of mind to actually get some shut-eye yourself!

1. Live HD Video & Instant Alerts

Is your baby still snoozing safely on his back? Where’s the binky? And what’s the deal with that swaddle? Get a crystal clear view of the crib—even when it’s dark—thanks to the HD live stream video with night vision and zoom capability. Cocoon Cam connects to your smartphone and sends instant alerts (no matter where you are!) if your baby’s breathing changes, if he’s crying, starting to wake up, or has fallen asleep. That means no more awkward army crawling into the nursery for a lay of the land.

2. Real-Time Breathing Monitoring

While traditional video monitors let you see your baby, you can’t tell if he’s breathing unless you tiptoe up close (and anyone with a creaky floor will tell you that’s not a good idea!). Cocoon Cam displays a real-time breathing wave on top of the live video feed, so you can see on your smartphone that your baby is breathing, whether you’re out of the house or relaxing on the couch. This especially helps ease angst when your kiddo has rolled onto his stomach.

3. Activity Log & Sleep Recap Video

The in-app Activity Log makes it simple to review your baby’s schedule and sleep habits (rolls, twists, turns, and all!). Plus, Cocoon Cam creates a short video highlight of your busy baby’s snooze session from the prior night.

Designed by parents, approved by doctors, and loved by families, Cocoon Cam gets five-star ratings from hundreds of parents and has been named one of 2018’s Best Baby Monitors by BabyList.

For a limited time, save $20 on Cocoon Cam with the code: COCOONTB


Try it for 100 nights—risk-free for the first 100 nights. If you aren’t satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Buy Now >>



Next stop, nursery!

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Your baby is ready for her own room, but are you?

top-img (1)

The paint color is perfect. Sweet board books and photos line the shelves. And a mobile is in place to lull your little one into dreamland. Although the nursery is ready for your baby… you may not be quite ready for her to sleep in there alone. As much as you’d like to stand watch over the crib 24/7, that plan won’t help anyone get the sleep they need.

Ease your anxiety with the Cocoon Cam baby monitor—featuring live video with 2-way audio, real-time breathing monitoring, and instant alerts. This must-have monitor connects to your smartphone, so you can keep tabs on your snoozing baby from anywhere.

3 Simple Tips for the Nursery Transition:


1. Ease into the nursery.

Start slow by having your baby take naps in her crib for a few days before a long overnight stretch. This will help you both get used to the new surroundings and create a calming bedtime routine. Set up your monitor and spend nap time in your room, just like you would at night.

2. Soothe your baby.

Your little one is probably used to sleeping near you. So if she’s fussy about her new solo setup, use the Cocoon Cam’s 2-way audio feature to soothe her with your voice, even when you aren’t in the room.

3. Check in from anywhere.

At work? On a date night? Washing bottles in the kitchen? The Cocoon Cam app allows you to check in on the nursery from your phone, no matter where you are.

Getting used to a new sleep situation is a big transition for babies and parents. But thanks to Cocoon Cam, it’ll be a whole lot easier.

For a limited time, you can save $20 on Cocoon Cam with the code: CCTINY


Try it out for 100 nights—risk-free. If you aren’t satisfied, return it for a full refund.

Buy Now >>



New Parent? Rest Easy with Cocoon Cam

Sponsored by CocoonCam_Color_Logo_Horizontal

Know your baby is safe and sound(ly sleeping!) with this must-have monitor


We’ve all heard the expression, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” But nervous new parents aren’t always good at following that advice. Instead of getting much-needed rest, they’re up around the clock making sure their newborn is snoozing safely. Between swaddles, strange grunts, and startle reflexes, there’s a lot to keep tabs on.

Rather than monitoring each and every breath, let the Cocoon Cam baby monitor do it for you—no wearables required. This nursery essential has key features that’ll give you the peace of mind to actually get some shut-eye yourself!

 1. Real-Time Breathing Monitoring

While traditional video monitors let you see your baby, you can’t tell if he or she is breathing unless you tiptoe up close (and anyone with a creaky floor will tell you that’s not a good idea!). Cocoon Cam displays a real-time breathing wave on top of the live video feed, so you can see that your baby is breathing on your smartphone, whether you’re out of the house or relaxing on the couch.

2. HD Video + Night Vision

Get a crystal clear view of the crib (even when it’s dark!) thanks to the HD live stream video with night vision and zoom capability. Plus, the built-in speaker and microphone allows you to hear and talk to your baby from your phone—perfect for an impromptu rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

3. Instant Alerts to Your Phone

Cocoon Cam sends instant alerts to your smartphone (no matter where you are!) if your baby’s breathing changes, if he or she is crying, starting to wake up, or has fallen asleep. That means no more awkward army crawling into the nursery for a lay of the land.

 4. Activity Log & Sleep Recap Video

The in-app Activity Log makes it simple to review your baby’s schedule and sleep habits. Plus, Cocoon Cam creates a short video highlight (with music!) of your baby’s snooze session from the prior night.

Designed by parents, approved by doctors, and loved by families, Cocoon Cam gets five-star ratings from hundreds of parents and has been named one of 2018’s Best Baby Monitors by BabyList.

Want to check it out? Try Cocoon Cam risk-free for the first 100 nights. If you aren’t satisfied, return it for a full refund.

For a limited time, save $20 on Cocoon Cam with the code: TINYBEANS

Buy Now>>


Are you ready for a baby on the move?

Keep your family safe with these 5 childproofing tips

Sponsored by Regalo_logo_rgb

Your little one is on the move…and it’s both exciting and slightly terrifying. They can now get around and also get into big trouble. Turn away for a second and they could be anywhere, doing anything.

Don’t panic! In honor of September being Baby Safety month, we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips for keeping your child safe as they become more mobile. Keep calm and read on.


1. Look out below!

You left your baby on their play mat, but now that they are mobile they may or may not be there when you come back from getting their bottle. Be sure you keep an eye out no matter where you walk. Little ones can be under foot before you know it.


2. Remember playpens?

They’re back…and way better than when we were kids. Keep your little one safe and give yourself peace of mind while you throw laundry in the dryer with a play yard. The Regalo Six Panel My Play Portable Play Yard is safe, easy to set-up and easy on your wallet (under $55!).


3. Make adjustments.

When your baby begins to move, be sure to check the settings on their gear. Crib mattresses may need to be lowered to prevent falling out, high chair restraints tightened to keep them from wiggling out and if they are still in a bassinet in the stroller, it’s likely time to make the switch to seat.

4. Beware of “sharp” edges.

We aren’t talking about scissors or cutlery. Your coffee table, television stand, basically any type table or storage piece, is the enemy. Soft corner protectors may look like the enemy from a style perspective, but they are a must. One veteran mom tip we love: replace a coffee table with an upholstered ottoman or bench.


5. Keep doors closed at all times.

Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and dresser drawers are all dangerous for a variety of reasons (toxic chemicals, sharp objects, tipping risk, etc). Drawer and cabinet latches come in many styles to fit both your needs (inside vs. outside the door) as well as your installation abilities (stick-on vs. tools needed).

Ensure your baby’s safety and your sanity with a childproofed home. Before you know it, they’ll be off to kindergarten (and you’ll still have the drawer latches in place!).

Shop for Regalo Six Panel My Play Portable Play Yard. (Under $55 at Amazon!)

Raise your parenting game

Sponsored by  raiz

5 simple ways to start investing for your child’s future, now

Let’s face it, being a parent is tough…and expensive. There are thousands of diaper changes, loads of sleepless nights (and laundry!) and countless new expenses. Tinybeans is here to help! We’ve pulled together 5 easy things you can do to get your little one—and your bank account—ready for what the future holds.


1. It’s never too early to start saving

Think you have all the time in the world to start saving? They may only be a few months old, but they grow up fast. The sooner you start saving, the less of an impact you’ll feel down the road. Just like your little one, something small can grow into something quite substantial over time.


2. Put that spare change to use

A jar in a cabinet. A dish on your nightstand. Everyone has somewhere they keep their spare change for a rainy day. Why not put that spare change to use for your child’s future? An investment app like Raiz Kids makes it easy and automatic to save your spare change from everyday purchases.


3. Let someone else do the research for you

You know you need to invest but have no idea where to start. Leverage the knowledge of investment industry professionals. Many financial institutions offer diversified market funds comprised of a mix of investments selected by experienced advisors (based on the ETFs quoted on the Australian Securities Exchange).

4. Set-up automatic deposits

As a parent, you have enough to remember. There is no need to add something else to your neverending to-do list. Add your child’s investment account to your recurring payments. Just like your car payment or mobile bill, it will automatically receive a contribution without you having to do any work.


5. Give them a birthday gift they won’t outgrow

The next time someone asks what to get your little one for her birthday, save them a trip to the toy store. Toys may come and go, but an investment in their future will last a lifetime. Encourage grandparents and other family members to contribute to a savings plan for your child’s birthday.

Being a parent will never be a walk in the park. Do the best job you can and remember to enjoy the journey. Before you know it, your little one will be going off to university.

Learn more about Raiz Kids.