Fall fun crafts: Apple wreaths!

In our last installment of Fall Fun Crafts, we’re delighted to bring you… apple wreaths! If you have leftover apples from your apple picking outings with the family, why not put them to good use with the kids? These simple wreaths are sure to add a touch of fall in any home. Plus, what toddler doesn’t love get their hands in paint?

What you need:

  • Apple (cut in half)
  • Red paint, but can use other colors
  • Brown construction paper
  • Pen
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • White printing paper



1. Pour red paint on a plate or surface.
2. Dip the inside of the cut apple into the red paint. Stamp onto the white paper. Repeat until you have at least 10 stamps.
3. While the stamps dry. draw a large circle on the brown construction paper. Draw a smaller circle inside of that circle. Cut the circle wreath out of the paper.
4. Cut the dried apple stamps. With the extra brown construction paper, cut out tiny stems. Tape one stem to the back of each apple cutout.
5. Tape each apple to the brown circle to form a wreath.
6. Hang in your home. Ta-da!

Take a photo of your craft and use the hashtag #TinybeansMoment for a chance to be featured!

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