Is your family ready for their close-up?

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Family photos are about the family, not just the image itself. Your best photo doesn’t need to be picture perfect. Have fun, let everyone’s personality (and fashion sense) shine through and remember to smile!

We’ve pulled together some easy tips to up your photo game just in time for those holiday cards. And remember, if you get a few with everyone looking at the camera, consider it a success.


1. Look like you.

If you don’t wear matching outfits and full make-up in real life, no need to start now. Think of what you usually wear and take it up about half a notch. Family gatherings, like Thanksgiving (hint hint), will usually have you looking camera-ready and are also great times to have someone take of photo of your squad.


2. Have a design in mind.

Take a few minutes to browse holiday photo cards ahead of time so you have an idea of the photos you’ll need (landscape vs. portrait, zoomed in vs. out). Mixbook has tons of photo card choices for every holiday and every budget and is a great place to start. Because, the last thing you want is to fall in love with a specific design that you don’t have the right photo for.

3. Take to the outdoors.

Lighting can be one of the trickiest things to get right. Natural light is your family’s best friend. Colors will be brighter, silhouettes crisper and nothing can replicate that natural glow of the sun (morning and afternoon work best). As long as it’s not raining, give outside a try. Apple picking and pumpkin patch photos are usually winners for a reason.


4. Get a move on.

This applies both to you and your camera. Action shots make everyone look more natural and less like statues. Encourage your kids to keep moving (as if that’s hard) and keep your camera clicking. Yes, some will be blurry, but the more snaps you take, the more likely you are to get a few great ones. Everyone loves a good jumping up in the air shot!


5. Imperfection is perfection.

Just because it’s not “the shot” doesn’t mean you should delete it. If your family and close friends are like most of the ones we know, the more pictures of your kids, the better. Take all of those super cute outtakes and put them on the back of your card. Or, if you really love every image, select a card that lets you include them all.

Once you have your photos, upload them to Tinybeans (obvi) and then get those cards ordered!

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