Tinybeans Spotlight: Thanksgiving Must-Haves

With Thanksgiving approaching, we were thinking about family traditions. We’re a diverse team here at Tinybeans HQ, and while we have Australian roots, our U.S. team members hail from many different heritages and states.

Despite our differences, one thing we all have in common is the appreciation and bond over the food prepared on the big day and what Thanksgiving means for families. We surveyed the team: What’s your must-have food at the Thanksgiving table?

Tinybeans Thanksgiving

Kelsey, Customer Happiness Manager: I love homemade rolls from my grandpa. He passed away recently, but made a huge batch before he did and we still have some in the freezer to enjoy. My grandma also makes homemade whipped cream, and I love having that at the Thanksgiving table.

Jen S., Head of Marketing: Fried cauliflower. I come from an Italian family that used to make antipasto, lasagna, and then the traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the trimmings on top of that. That’s way too much food! I’ve scaled back a lot, but the fried cauliflower is a must.

Jen R., Brand Partnerships Director: I have to go with gravy. You can put that on absolutely everything like mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. I think the wine comes in second though.

Sarah-Jane, Co-founder and Head of Product Marketing: Pecan pie. This will be my second Thanksgiving in America so I’ve finally adopted it.

Jordan, Digital Content Manager: Green bean casserole. We also like to make a lot of casseroles and “salads” involving jello in the midwest, so I’m excited for the food coma.

Linda, Product Manager: Stuffing. Always. A few people in my family prefer the canned cranberry sauce over homemade, so my mom always makes sure there is both on the table.

Grady, Head of Brand Partnerships: I’m just mostly excited for all of the appetizers and dessert.

Nate, Senior Web Developer: You can’t go wrong with the turkey and cranberry sauce from a can.

Jamie, Brand Partnerships Director: Stuffing. 100%.

Jesse, Head of Product: I’m excited for the cranberry sauce from a can – it has to be from the can – and Martin’s potato rolls.

What’s Thanksgiving traditions are you excited to pass down in your family? Tell us in the comments!

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