When You Have a Rocky Start to Breastfeeding

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This post was written by Lynzy from Lynzy & Co. in partnership with Happy Family Brands

As we approach the birth of our third baby, I am frequently brought back to the early weeks of feeding our first two and I can say that neither of them were a breeze for me. I primarily breastfed both of them for 13 months and it was a very rocky start! I used a lactation consultant for both for the first few weeks and we had quite a few latch issues (along with really painful fissures)! One long night after feeding our second, I was DESPERATE for a LC (lactation consultant) and called first thing in the morning to get an appointment. I wish that Happy Family had created this amazing platform earlier so that I could have reached out the second 8 am hit!

Feeding your Little one has Never Been Easier

Happy Family created this wonderful platform for mothers where they offer infant feeding support from the hours of 8 AM – 8 PM EST. They have certified lactation consultants and nutritionists on standby to answer any of your questions via live chat! I am so excited to have this available to me for our third baby!

No matter how you choose to feed your baby, breastfeeding, bottle feeding with pumped milk, or formula feeding; it’s important to remember that YOU are doing the BEST for your own situation and your family. As long as your baby is happy and thriving, that is the ONE and only thing that matters! With both of our babies, my supply dropped after 8 months and I started adding in bottles of formula along the way. There is no right or wrong way to do things as a mother, follow your heart and instincts and your baby will be happy!

I love that Happy Family fully supports all three ways that you can feed your baby and offers many tips and tricks for breastfeeding mamas and formula feeding mamas. I highly recommend talking a walk through their website to see everything they offer because I, myself, got lost on their website reading all the information and I learned things that I didn’t know!

Check out their infant feeding support platform here! Get tips and support for all of the below:

1. Infant feeding support
2. Breastfeeding support
3. Infant feeding advice
4. Breastfeeding tips
5. Bottle feeding tips

I hope that you guys love this new support platform as much as I do!

Visit: happyfamilybrands.com/infant-feeding-support




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