First Bash Fashions: 13 Adorable Cake Smash Outfits

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It’s your baby’s first birthday: this calls for cake and something festive for your little one to wear while he gets his first taste of the sweet stuff. We’ve found thirteen of the cutest cake smash outfits available on Etsy, all ready to wrestle onto your baby before she blows out the candle and grabs cake by the fistful. From gold-and-pink numbers to mustache-embroidered sets, these outfits are sure to make all those photos of your kiddo covered in frosting extra cute.

Tutu Cute

Outfit your tiny dancer in a tutu from Picklebug. These custom tutus are made to fit your wee one's waist, with tulle sewed to the waist band so it won't twist up. Pick a single solid color or mix several colors for a bright and festive birthday skirt. Available at <a target="_blank" href="">Picklebug</a&gt;, $28.fuck

What will you dress your baby in for his or her first birthday?

-Oz Spies